Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Second To Last Night of The Year...Where's that Pre-NYE Party At/

Tons of people scramble to figure out what to do as they go out with the old and into the new, but the reality is that a ton of talent packs into Los Angeles to get well paid on New Years EVE and some of that talent also performs the day before.

Take advantage of the quality entertainment and much more reasonable pricing by checking out any of the following:

1. Asher Roth at The Viper Room w/ special guests Midnite Theory, Rob Roy, Luke Christoher and Kosha Dillz.

Asher Roth will be performing as part of a promotional run to support his Pabst & Jazz mix tape that highlights the maturation of the former "College" loving MC. It is the precursor to his 2012 Def Jam release and he's recruited some other lyrically talented individuals to join him on the Sunset Strip stage. Local artist and Dim Mak act, Rob Roy, may still have fur in his cap. Haven't heard a ton from him since he blazed trails on the internet with the "Fur In My Cap" video. Young buck Luke Christopher also joins the party. You might remember him from his Asher Roth collabo "Roof Tops."

World touring, Jersey born Kosha Dillz is also supposed to join the party as a surprise guest. He is performing on New Years Eve at Viper Room, but will probably join Asher to spit some of his "West Coast Flavor" as well as cuts from his 2011 release Gina & The Garage Sale.

Midnite Theory opens up the whole damn thing.

We've got a pair of tickets to give away for this one so shout us out on twitter (@supergoodmusic) or e-mail to enter the contest.

2. Beats Antique, Random Rab, Emancipator & Lynx @ Club Nokia

Get your fulfillment of booty shaking beats and bass at Club Nokia with this awesome line up put together by The Do Lab. For those that acquired a bit too many party supplies to close out 2011, get after it early with this pseudo-festival line up.

Emancipator compose electronic sonicscapes with the best of them. Entirely instrumental - with orchestral elements layered on some tracks (including "Nevergreen" below) - Emancipator music is organic, beautiful and relaxing.

Random Rab composes bass-strumentals himself. His sonic textures differ from Emancipator's; less of an orchestrated feel with Rab, who seems to be driven much more by beat (although his tunes have great melody). Check out "Jewel of Now" below:

Beats Antique will get you in the festive mode before NYE even starts with their belly-dancing, costumed, beat-enthused performance. They always make sure things get a little weird - in the drugged out, hippie-esque good sort of weird way. Check them out at Bonnaroo -

3. The Growlers, Allah-Las, TRMRS @ The Echo

The raspy, folky/blues-like indie rock from The Growlers ends its series of end of 2011 shows at The Echo with a stellar support group of Allah-Las and TRMRS.

The former are high on lots of local bloggers lists of LA bands to watch for. This video of an earlier performance at The Echo gives you an idea of the soundtrack they'd be providing. Nostalgic feeling indie rock jams.....filled with shakers.

TRMRS are the act on the bill I know too little about. I can't say much about them other than that they use cool color filters in their "One Foot" video (see below), but my guess is they are a suitable musical hors'douvres for this bill.

Growlers are the veteran act here - with a honed and tasteful grit to their indie rock. Clearly a favorite of someone important at The Echo - its not hard to understand why. There is an undeniable charm to their music. A charm that hopefully sets the mood right as you close out your 2011.

4. Caspa & Dillon Francis @ Avalon

Why would you want to go to this show? Probably cause Dillon Francis is a bad ass whose name won't be going anywhere for a really long time. Just check out this video for "I.D.G.A.F.O.S." Don't know what that means? Check your urban dictionary, because I don't give a fuck or shit enough to tell you....

Dillon is a rising star - a darling artist for many more established in the electronic game. You can expect a lot more from Mr. Francis, including great supporting artists because he won't be joined by just anyone either. He'll be joined by bad ass dub stepper Caspa. Check out Caspa with Mr. Hudson - "Love Never Dies (Back for the First Time)."

5. Tim Reynolds @ The Mint

If you like guitar play - see Tim. That's all I have to say - this video says the rest.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday is For Beats - Blockhead @ King King Club/Eprom @ Low End Theory

Need to put some New Years bounce into your step a couple days early? Look no further than Blockhead and Govinda at King King Club tonight or the final 2011 installment of Low End Theory.

The former is hosted by Codega - a promotion company that previously existed in the world of pay to play events and putting relative L.A. no names....but Blockhead at King King Club? This is new territory for them. Thankfully they recruited an awesome chef from the beat kitchen in Blockhead. For the unfamiliar, Blockhead is a hip-hop producer based out of NYC, whose most famous accolades come from Ninja Tune releases and work with Def Jux artists, including Aesop Rock. He hasn't put out a record since 2009's "The Music Scene" which featured this title track:

The music video for "The Music Scene" is like a Dr. Seuss book turned into an acid trip - which may be a fitting description of the sonic landscape you can expect Blockhead to cook up tonight. Govinda supports, as well as Geno Cochino and DJ Audioptic.

If you want grimier, more electronicized beats - than head to the last Low End Theory of 2011. Eprom, Mux Mool, Jonwayne and residents Gaslamp Killer, Daddy Kev, Nocando D-Styles and Nobody make sure Wednesday doesn't feel like the middle week. FYI - its the Eprom that created "Humanoid," not the European hip-hop scratch DJ. Here's a taste....

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Omar Velasco at Standard for FREE - 12/28

Handsome songwriter Omar Velasco brings his talent to The Standard on Wednesday night, and hopefully this music video helps you understand why you might just want to be there. Not only is the event free, but the member of A Fine Frenzy will be churning out soul imbued songwriter ballads that may just make you melt. Could just be the perfect soundtrack for your final Wednesday of the year...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bad Guys...You Know You Are A

Good guys just cant be found around here. They smoke and lie. They make girls cry. They get so high. They are bad guys........

Telling tales of college aged mischief, partying antics and disappointing women - Bleeding Knees Club - are exciting an inner punk within. Aren't you just ready to play Edward Fortyhands and do something illegal? You should be.

I've never met, let alone seen this Club, which is now a trio (used to be a duo)...but I think I'd like to be an honorary member. Dick taps aside - they're some flat brim rocking, candy eating dudes that shoot hoops at night, eat off paper plates and "get drunk on the roof." Seem like some bad guys I'd have no problem hanging out with, plus I dig their music and their punk rock ethos.

Extra props for the wolf t-shirt and the taco cameo in the video. Seriously. Extra props.

The group has a record coming out in 2012 on IAMSOUND, but their Virginity EP contains "Bad Guys."

Skrillex Invades L.A. (Late January 6 Show Run)

Grammy award nominee Skrillex (does that sound weird to anyone else?) descends on Los Angeles and New York City from his dubstep mothership to party with friends and label mates ten more times before the Grammy ceremonies get under way.

The five time nominee won't be playing alone, he has recruited some heavy-hitting dubsteppers and signees to his OWSLA label to join him. The ten date run features a host of intimate gatherings that will be limited to those that act early (tickets go on sale for L.A. Live tomorrow at 10 am) and those in Skrillex's personal circle. You'll be lucky to get into any show in L.A., because given Sonny Moore's massive rise in stardom, Dim Mak Studios, Echoplex and Avalon just won't be able to contain the demand. The Palladium probably won't even be able to handle it - I imagine that will sell out rapidly too.

In total, he rages through Los Angeles for six straight nights beginning on January 24th at Dim Mak Studios for their weekly Dim Mak Tuesday party. He will be joined by Alvin Risk and Koan Sound. My guess is there won't be free alcohol to get you in the door early that night...

The real treat of the run is probably Wednesday the 25th at Echoplex where he plays a Skrillex vs. 12th Planet show, along with Diplo. When 12th Planet is essentially the least recognizable artist on your bill, and that bill takes place in Los Angeles, you know the show is going to be massive.

Thursday he takes on exchange with OWSLA signee Zedd, and Friday he moves to Avalon for Control with Huoratron and Kill The Noise. After that, its two less intimate nights at Palladium and L.A. Live Event Deck respectively. The latter offers guest spots from Benga, Nadastrom and other special guests TBA.

If you're not already amped for this - I don't know what you're drinking or you just hate dubstep, or both. Don't sleep in tomorrow if you're a Los Angeleno. Get up at 10 am and make sure you get some of those damn tickets!

New Yorkers, check your local listings, but he tackles the Big Apple with four shows over five nights, including a show at Terminal 5 with Skream & Benga, KOAN Sound and Tokimonsta on February 4th.

Stones Throw 15th Anniversary Party w/ Mayer Hawthorne & More!

On Thursday December 22nd, the great minds, DJs and people over at Stones Throw are hosting their anniversary party at The Exchange celebrating 15 years in the business. The party includes label headmaster Peanut Butter Wolf and his many DJ friends, including DJ and soul crooner Mayer Hawthorne. Here are a few Motown-soul flavored Mayer tracks to get you in the soulful mood and help you get excited for their event on the 22nd!

A Long Time - Mayer Hawthorne from MayerHawthorne on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Hannukah

To celebrate the festival of lights, Kosha Dillz brought himself into WPIX and spit a holiday themed freestyle, on top of playing his "Sweatpants" video on air. If that isn't enough holiday cheer for you - check out the old school animated "Hannukah Hey Ya!" parody below or the link to the Jewish black girls doing "Black & Jewish." If you want the lyrics to be uber religious - consider's Hannukah Medley here.

Xmas Comes Early for L.A. Djs....

Christmas comes early. Party with Mike B, The Haycocks and DJ Pubes at La Cita if you don't feel like dropping $30 on the Stones Throw celebration at The Exchange. Either way - downtown is the place to be. For info on the Stones Throw celebration - check out our latest version of the LA Concert Blast.

Monday, December 12, 2011

SUPERGOOD Holiday Sweater & Mustache Jam

Your holiday party calendars might already be half full, half over or just getting started - regardless, their getting a dosage of cool on Wednesday night when The Viper Room hosts our annual Mustache & Ugly Sweater Party, now going into its 3rd year.

With awards going to ugliest sweaters and most creative mustache - its a night of unique looks (I for one will have on a heinous sweater and will be sporting a real mustache for the first time in almost two years). It is also a night of unique (and supergood) music from the likes of Tic Tic Boom!, Standing Shadows, Hyena, Odd Modern and Das Tapes!

Each act is talented in their own right - with all of them emerging from the greater L.A. region other than Hyena (Arizona). They'll be packing the Sunset Strip with synthy indie rock - peppered with undertones of electronic or punk rock depending on whom you're referring to. For many of the artists it is their last show of 2011 (Tic Tic Boom!, Odd Modern, Standing Shadows) and for one, Odd Modern, it is their EP release show as well. Its also their drummer Gerardo's birthday.

If the holidays weren't enough reason to celebrate - we're certainly giving you a few more. Join Odd Modern as they celebrate a whole host of events (EP release, birthday, holidays) and join us as we rejoice in an excellent 2011. Find Boom D during Tic Tic Boom!'s set early on and rejoice in a complimentary drink courtesy of the SUPERGOOD founder himself. Once he spends a few $100s on you fans though, he's done being your secret santa of alcohol - so get there early to take advantage!

RSVP via facebook here and get your tickets here via Ticketweb. If you're not yet convinced that The Viper Room is where you need to be come Wednesday, than check out some videos from the performers below:






Saturday, December 10, 2011

Grandma Inspires New Dubstep Dance?

My grandparents were never much into hip-hop and that stuck around. But my Mema actually has found some things to like about dub step, and apparently other people's grandparents have too. If that's not a sign of its staying power - I'm not really sure what is.

Peep this grandma. We'll call her quasi conductor movements with her hands 'dub fingers.'

And check out this grandpa getting down to Skrillex.

And this grandma getting down to Skrillex in the car.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Avalon Hosts Fresh Beats from Daedelus, Avalon & Two Fresh

Some of SUPERGOOD’s favorites are tearing up the scene for Avalon’s club night, Control. In just a few short hours - Daedelus, Nosaj Thing and Two Fresh are bringing their addictive beats to heads in Hollywood.

From opening for DJ Assault, Justice and Two Live Crew to appearing in Erykah Badu’s most recent video, “Honey”, more and more are happily becoming hip to Daedelus. As his reputation is growing, so is his notoriety as being one of the most innovative and technically sound electronic composers in the game. The quirky, self-expressed Alfred Darlington maintains avant-garde elements not only in his often hipster-sheik dress (he often wears unique suits) but also in his beautiful melodic electronic orchestrations with hints of soul, world music, classical, hip-hop, electronic and more. Peep his KEXP DJ set below.

Noted as one of LA’s finest musical creators, Nosaj Thing paints a sonic landscape with his obscure and highly imaginative style. As see when he played Coachella’s Gobi Tent this past year, Nosaj Thing creates an experience for the audience that stimulates both the eyes and ears. Check out his DJ set from KEXP as well.

Also joining this crew of vanguards are DJ duo Two Fresh. Stemming from a hip-hop core, Two Fresh incorporate elements of sampling with their distinct synthesized beats and create music that not only agrees with their name but is undeniably catchy. I am not certain if drummer Colby is joining them tonight or not - but whether he is or is not there - the Nichols twins will melt your face. Get to know Two Fresh in this video of their Summer Camp 2011 experience...

Each of these rising Los Angeles DJ’s will make you take notice as they ooze with innovation in everything they create. With music this legit, Avalon’s Control is a definite hot spot for the night.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Miike Snow Drops New Song - "Devil's Work"

Swedish Indie Electropop group Miike Snow just announced that their upcoming sophomore album will be released in early 2012. Still without a title, the album will undoubtedly build on the group’s remarkable songwriting showcased in their self-titled debut.

We have a link to check out the album’s first cut “Devil’s Work” here. Get pumped with us as we bask in the first taste of what is sure to be one the more anticipated albums of 2012. Stop back for updates on when the album release date is announced, and when you might get a chance to see this dynamic trio live in person. I suppose we’ll let you know what to call the album when we find that out too.

You can check out their music video from "Rabbit" here - a video and song that we think didn't get enough circulation.

And here is "Silvia" - one of our favorites from their rookie release.

Re:Mix Lab Going Down Tonight (FREE w/ RSVP)

Are you sad that you're not invited to a gang of industry holiday parties? The ones with free drinks, free entertainment and famous people? Its not like those parties are worth life in the mailroom and sacrificing actually decent income and normal working hours just to have a taste of the famous life. But - Antenna and the cool people with Dub Frequency have teamed up with Hyundai to make that experience attainable for all.

All you have to do is RSVP to Antenna's RE:MIX Lab (Fueled by Hyundai Veloster). You can do that here. Then you just have to show up at 401 S. Main Street and be 21 or older.

Antenna, Hyundai and Dub Frequency will be treating all guests like they are members of the who's who. From 9 pm to midnight - you'll not only be well wined, but you also be entertained by the likes of Yeasayer, College, DJ Neil Armstrong, Them Jeans and live band play from Caught A Ghost. College is responsible for the title track to Drive, so you know they are in high demand right now!

Its definitely a gathering not to be missed - so come enjoy the free drinks and free tunes with us :D

Monday, December 5, 2011

Justice Announces Tour; Fuels Coachella Line-Up Predictions

Groundbreaking electronic duo Justice have finally announced a tour to support their sophomore album “Audio, Video, Disco,” which was recently released on Elektra. The 2012 tour returns Justice to the States for the first time in over two years.

Justice have staked their feet in the music industry soil, proving their potential for an extended and more ubiquitous career by progressing their sound and expanding their musical vocabulary following a successful debut album. Justice 's follow up is clearly rooted in their familiar electronic foundation, but adds more than a few traces of their musically sophisticated prog influences. Already known for their dance floor frenzies, this latest release might even pull a few rockers away from the punch bowl and into the party pool.

In addition to the tour announcement, Justice has a few cool things planned around it including a “cover our songs” style contest for the chance to see the first show of the tour on New Year’s Day in Sydney, Australia. (More details here)

Other stops on this tour include New York, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, Atlanta and Las Vegas, to name a few, but we have a sneaking suspicion there could be something more in Indio, CA. The US portion of the tour goes from March 16 to April 25, with Los Angeles conveniently left off the itinerary and with two key weekends in April left vacant. To us, that sounds like a near guarantee that they’ll show up at Coachella 2012. No, Justice haven’t been confirmed by any means, but we are so confident in our trusty crystal ball that we will pay everyone who shares this article $1 if we they don't show up in Indio, CA in April 2012. Go ahead, spread this one. We dare you!

Full US tour schedule (so far):

3/16/12 New York, NY Terminal 5

3/17/12 New York, NY Terminal 5

3/19/12 Boston, MA House of Blues

3/20/12 Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory

3/21/12 Washington, DC 9:30 Club

3/22/12 Atlanta, GA The Tabernacle

4/17/12 Oakland, CA Fox Theater

4/19/12 Las Vegas, NV The Pool - The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

4/24/12 Portland, OR Roseland Theater

4/25/12 Seattle, WA Paramount Theatre

Bleached at Its A School Night

Dont miss Bleached at Bardot at 11 pm tonight! RSVP here.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Chelsea Wolfe at The Satellite/Dillz Does Wolfe

In honor of the fact that "doom-folk" act Chelsea Wolfe is performing tonight at The Satellite in Los Angeles - we're not only giving away a pair of tickets to the show (email if you want 'em) with Black Heart Procession.....we are also premiering Kosha Dillz remix of her tracks "Moses" and "Wasteland" in the form of his joint "Moses Wasteland." The remix will be on Kosha's upcoming CMJetlag mixtape that also features takes over Little Dragon, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and more. Peep the Wolfe makeover below.

Moses Wasteland by kosha dillz

Wolfe's metalish folky tunes are captivating and artful, but Kosha's take gives them a totally different character. Personally, I enjoy both, but if you're partial to the originals - listen to them below.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Grammy's Best Video Category

Since when has the Grammy's had the best video category? I'm not even sure - but its an eclectic mix - Skrillex, Adele, Memory Tapes, Radiohead, OK Go and, yes, Weird "Al" Yankovic.

Do you have a front runner in this category? I'm not advocating making your computer a personal MTV circa 1988 - I've listened to the records more than I've watched any of these music videos - but in 30 minutes you can digest all the Grammy nominees, and, with the exception of Weird Al's parody of Gaga, the nominated videos are synch with quality material.

In some of the videos - there are lots of great special effects (OK Go, Skrillex, Memory Tapes), others have creative dance interpretations, broken dishes and synchronized glass ripples. Prepare to be entertained...

Skrillex - "First of the Year (Equinox)"

Adele - "Rolling In The Deep"

Radiohead - "Lotus Flower"

Memory Tapes - "Yes I Know"

Weird Al Yankovic - "Perform This Way"

OK Go - "All Is Not Lost"

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blunt After Blunt

Danny Brown’s newest video “Blunt after Blunt” is setting the bar high (no pun intended) for fellow stoners. Following the very inappropriate yet appropriate title, MC ASAP Rocky and the ICU directed this hooking video, pushing a new anthem and chant for the cannabis scene. It’s hard to decide whether it’s the tiger suit Brown sports amidst the hot boxed room or the heavy lyrics that keep your head bobbing, but somehow, Danny Brown succeeds in romanticizing gritty-rap.

Make sure you get your fill of “Blunt after Blunt”, off this Detroit Native’s most recent and free mixtape XXX, before Brown decides to clean it up for a more radio friendly album.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Milo Greene Enjoys Recess at Its A School Night

If you had enough energy from the long holiday weekend to make it out for KCRW’s “It’s a School Night”, then you were lucky enough to catch rising indie-pop act Milo Greene play an intimate session at the Bardot in Hollywood.

The quartet brought a full crowd to the aesthetically pleasing venue and played their most recognizable tracks, including their catchy hit, “1957”. The show highlighted some of what’s to come in the band’s first full-length album, which is due to drop in the very near future. A favorite of the night was their rendition of Sufjan Stevens’ “Chicago”, which the harmonizing act was able to pull off in an impressive manner, even making it unique to their own distinct style.

Milo Greene’s airy and organic sounds made it very easy to get lost in their music and after a few songs, it almost felt as though you were watching them play in the middle of a house party. The band mates joked and laughed throughout their set, teasing Marlana (female vocals) for losing her voice and celebrating Andrew’s (male vocals) birthday. Each member brings something distinct and significant to the band; although they have the talent to stand apart from one another, there’s something magical in Milo Greene’s seamless collaboration.

If you missed their show, you have many chances to see them in February 2012 when they kick off their residency at the Satellite in Silverlake.

Free MuteMath Shows in Santa Monica

The people over at Windows Phone are trying to elevate the buzz around their new product, and they've enlisted MuteMath and Pier 59 Studios West to help with that task.

On both Wednesday and Thursday night - Pier 59 Studios West will host an exclusive RSVP only event featuring music from MuteMath. The festivities kick off at 7 pm in Santa Monica each night with complimentary food and cocktails for the 21+ crowd. Pier 59 Studios West are located at 2415 Michigan Ave. Capacity is limited so we're recommending you go early if you want to ensure access.

You can RSVP for the event here, but if you'd like to go VIP style - e-mail or comment on our facebook page to enter. We'll be giving away one pair of VIP tickets for each night!

Check out one of MuteMath's more recent videos for their single "Blood Pressure."

Black Box Revelation Comes to California

Bluesy garage rockers Black Box Revelation are stopping by the Wiltern this Saturday December 3 to join Beady Eye and we wanted to tip everyone off to what should be a fantastic show. The Belgian duo joins Beady Eye, the new band formed by Liam Gallagher and other Oasis members, and also gets support from Incan Abraham.

BBR's latest release Shiver of Joy is already making waves overseas, and their simplistic and powerful approach to 60s garage rock is known to turn some heads. Black Box Revelation uses skuzzy guitars and crashing drums to dress pop melodies in a trench coat of raw power and grit. If you need to hear Black Box Revelation before you call your friends to make plans, here’s a free download link for their EP title track “Shiver of Joy.”

We're giving away three pairs of tickets to the Saturday show - just tweet out @supergoodmusic @livenationLA and @wiltern in the same tweet or e-mail to enter.

If you have friends in San Francisco, let them know Black Box Revelation will be at The Warfield Friday, December 2!

"I Love It" featuring Sia

Hilltop Hoods -“I Love It” (feat. Sia)

For all the Hip Hop fans, we've got a new act and album to keep an eye on. Hilltop Hoods released the first single "I Love It (ft. Sia)" from their upcoming album Drinking from The Sun, and this track is dope! Featuring Australian vocalist Sia Furler, this single consumes you even on first listen. The album is set for release February 2012, so you’ll most definitely hear "I Love It" somewhere between now and then, but why torture yourself with anticipation? Give it a listen here.

Shout outs to for helping me discover it.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Exploding Soon...Tic Tic Boom!

Local indie synth rock couple comprised of Leilani Francisco and Mike Delay, but better known as Tic Tic Boom! recently released this cute video starring their pseudo-child (their dog). The two Monday night, November 21st, at The Echo with the other members (drummer and bassist) of Tic Tic Boom! to continue their recent blitz of the local scene that has seen the act perform at Saint Rocke, Harvard & Stone, USC, The Central SAPC, Space 15 Twenty, Lot 1 Cafe and more.

Those who may have missed out on those - might have heard "Just Friends" on KROQ or caught it on Friend Zone or The Real L Word, where TTB music has recently been featured. Whether you're already hip to them or not - check out the cute video, as well as a live rendition of the same. If you like what you see/hear - you can get some more of that tonight at The Echo for FREE where the band is joined by K. Flay, Lesands and resident The Chain Gang of 1974!

You can check out all things Tic Tic Boom! on their website here, where you can pick up their recently released acoustic EP "Bare." They will also be playing the SUPERGOODMUSIC SUPERDOPE series at The Viper Room for our year end Mustache & Sweater Party on Wednesday December 14th!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Electronic Music's Next Huge Thing: Porter Robinson

If you felt like you were late to the Skrillex party last year, don't make the same mistake twice. We hope you learned your lesson and are already hip to Porter Robinson because he could be the next act to blow the roof off of electronic music. The 19-year-old’s accomplishments thus far rival many seasoned veterans’ and may we remind you he’s only 19?!?

Having just completed a tour supporting Tiesto in which Robinson performed for the largest DJ event in US history (approximately 26,000 were in attendance), his peers are already touting him as one of the nu-breed saviors of electronic music. Porter Robinson was featured on Billboard’s “Top 21 Under 21” list, and managed to crash Beatport’s servers when he released his Spitfire EP earlier this year. He’s already remixed the likes of Lady Gaga and Avicii with several more A-list offers rolling in. What’s that, you want to see Porter Robinson live? Well you’re in luck because he’s stopping by The Music Box Saturday December 3rd (get tickets here).

If you can, clear your schedule on the 3rd…you won’t be disappointed.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mary J Invites Nas to Join Her At Club Nokia Tonight

If you’re headed to Club Nokia tonight for the popular livestream music series American Express Unstaged, then you’re in for a special and pretty dope treat. Not only will you have the pleasure of seeing the amazing nine–time Grammy award winning Mary J. Blige, but also witness one of Hip-Hop’s most influential figures, NAS, share the same stage. If you’re a fan of hip-hop or even just a music junkie, there’s no need to explain the importance and rarity of a night like this, just the names on the marquee are enough to stir major excitement.

And to make the experience that much more memorable, American Express Unstaged is giving fans more than one chance to be a part of the show. Get there early and join in a unique “Press Pass Challenge” where you and other fans can submit questions that will possibly get used by in an upcoming interview with Mary J. Blige. Want to share the stage with Ms. Blige, herself? You have a chance by submitting personal photos of impactful moments to

For those of you who are not able to physically attend, you can still tune in to and stream the event live at 11 PM ET/ 8 PM PT. Be part of the experience at home by switching between multiple cameras to control your view or collaborate with the rest of the online audience to help decide on a song that Mary J. Blige will perform during the livestream event.

After the show, “like” the American Express Entertainment tab on Facebook to download three Mary J. Blige tracks from the evening.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The Stone Foxes play their final show of the year tonight! In Los Angeles! At the world famous Viper Room! And, oh yeah, its a SUPERGOODMUSIC event too.

You may have heard the band recently on 98.7, or 103.1, or Houndstooth Radio, or maybe you saw them at Outside Lands Festival or Voodoo Music Festival. If you're in L.A. tonight, you can see them and hear them again. Tickets are $10 and you are sure to hear them play their new single - "Psycho." Watch the fan sourced music video below and come out tonight if you're in Los Angeles to see this rising gritty, indie-blues rock band get down. The band is joined by Kyle Nicolaides, Stonefeather and Armada tonight.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Penguin Prison Hit LA for 2 Days/Don't F With My Money

We had Penguin Prison perform at our SUPERGOODMUSIC Showcase series in Austin, TX during SXSW 2011 - which included a performance of "Golden Train" at Rusty Spurs (see video below). The act has steadily been infiltrating other blogger's respective radars and recently picked up Windish to their booking - so you should certainly expect to see their name popping up on more festivals and more national tours in 2012.

They also just dropped this video for "Don't F With My Money" that has Occupy Wall Street themes in it and is definitely stirring up a little controversy.

To close out their 2011, they are making a trip back to L.A. to play Dim Mak Tuesdays tonight at Dim Mak Studios and then tomorrow they head west to The Central SAPC to perform Wednesday night. Their high energy, infectious-indie-electro jams translate really well to concert and we strongly recommend you check them out if you can.

Friday, November 11, 2011

MC To Watch: ProbCause

Chicago native, ProbCause is bringing us some home-cooked goodness with his latest E.P. Stir Fry. This rising star is adding new flavor to the hip-hop scene, bouncing from gritty rap to dubstep to lyrical hip-hop and even some R&B. With diverse influences from Cannonball Adderley, Mulatto Astatke, Black Milk, Dilla, Stones Throw, Rhymesayers, STS9, Odd Future, Phoenix, Ratatat, Basquiat, Picasso, and Gerhard Richter, you can be certain that versatile talent such as ProbCause will take you on a limitless musical journey.

Immersed in a scene where, according to ProbCause, “there is always going to be hate and criticism”, this young MC is taking and preaching from the best. Mentored by the likes of Chicago’s queen of hip-hop, Psalm One, and Chicago’s veteran MC, Longshot, ProbCause is not interested in “the city of hate excuse.” And his mentality is translating very well in his music career, he's already toured this year as lead support for Big Sean, Twista, Machine Gun Kelly, Steve Aoki, Kreayshawn and Neon Indian in addition to performances with Raekwon, Chip tha Ripper, even earning a spot at the North Coast Music Festival for the second consecutive year (his performance was dope). He most recently visited L.A. last month - dropping in at Dim Mak Studios for their notorious Tuesday party and then hitting up Yost Theater the following night.

Probcause is not only making it hard to keep up but also influencing those behind him in a way that many probably didn’t see possible. Spitting rhymes that make you think and feel good, he’s nothing short of impressive, proving that creativity transcends all labels. For a taste of his most recent Mixtape, “Stir Fry”, SUPERGOODMUSIC has a free download of "Loud Through the Town" available for your listening pleasure and then a video for his remix of "Blue Sky."

Win Tickets to Purple Melon at The Central!

We know you like free stuff, so hopefully you’re still looking for something to do Saturday night because we have tickets for Purple Melon at The Central SAPC in Santa Monica!

Purple Melon is a British transplant rock band gracing LA with their presence for sometime now, and their upcoming album Henry’s Rocket is due out later this month. Check this video for a preview of the band, and once you decide you want to go, email

PBW & Friends Dial In for 11-11-11

Still looking for 11-11-11 plans? If you’re into apophenia and like to party, this is probably what you should be doing with your Friday night....

Peanut Butter Wolf and Stones Throw are hosting an “11” party tonight at the Eagle Rock Center For The Arts (2225 Colorado Blvd) . Presented by Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock and I See Sound, the event will host 11 DJs, an $11 entry fee and will feature music from exactly 11 hundred records expected to be delivered via U-Haul.

Don’t worry about waiting until 11pm to join this party, things are set to kick off around 6pm and got until 1am.

The Echo Turns 10!

Voted by Filter Magazine as one of Los Angeles’s top 5 music venues, The Echo is coming-up on it’s 10th anniversary this December 3rd.

An eastside gem, the Echo has featured prime artists such as Beck, Band of Horses, The Decembrists and Vampire Weekend. Its helped launch the careers of acts with their notorious free residencies - including recently Foster The People (resident in early 2011).

Whether musical karma or just the vibe and standards of it’s surrounding, if you see an unknown artist at the Echo, chances are they could blow up soon after (Chain Gang of 1974, Tic Tic Boom!, Polaris At Noon, Cassettes Won't Listen and many more are all playing the residency this month). But the Echo wears many hats; a venue that showcases fresh talent, hosts legit dance parties and simply remains a prime spot to hit the bar on a weekend night (Funky Sole, the free DJ fueled soul-funk dance party event on Saturdays is always good). It drew such attention that it ultimately opened Echoplex downstairs.

To thank all fans of the Echo in celebration of their 10 years, SUPERGOODMUSIC is excited to giveaway tickets to a few shows at this favorite hot spot in the next coming weeks.

Starting tonight, a few of you had the chance to win tickets to the Echo for 11.11.11, featuring Austra, Grimes and Baron Von Luxxury! It’ll be an evening filled with ornate and highly creative sounds from the underground disco beats of Baron Von Luxxury to the catchy synth-gothisms of Grimes, and Canadian trio Austra.

If you missed out on that - Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears with support from Sheepdogs is gonna stir up a stage of funky rock-soul and hot harmonies in the Echoplex downstairs. Its $18+ and tickets are $17 at the door. Unfortunately we don't have tickets to giveaway to that show - but I promise it will be excellent. Just check out this video from Black Joe Lewis - "Livin In The Jungle" - if you're not convinced.