Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci

Kreayshawn, the female hip-hopper with some friends in Odd Future and and a decently annoying voice, has stumbled into a hit by reciting popular clothing brands and making references to drugs all over a kicking wobbly bass track. Who came up with that formula? and knew it would be successful?

While nothing that seems all that original - clearly the "Gucci Gucci" has caught on quite well, averaging a little over 100,000 views a day. Nastiers, dirtier and possessing less pop appeal than Kesha - I'll admit that Kreayshawn is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Despite the wack hook and her voice, I still enjoy this song.

"I got the swag and its pumping out my ovaries...". The lyrics are clever....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Big Boi Brings His Leftfoot to Manchester ('Roo Preview)

You know you've loved Big Boi ever since you first heard his poetic drawl on "Southernplayalistic" and "Player's Ball." A decade and a half later, he's graduated to his solo career while still maintaining to carry a torch as one of the top story-tellers in the game. Delivering his clever lyrics over Southern feeling bass heavy tracks on his latest offering like this track "Shutterbug."

Check out his gear in the video too. Its pretty crisp. So are the puppets.

Don't miss him at Bonnaroo...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Twin Shadow ('Roo Preview) (SLEEPER PICK)

Twin Shadow is definitely one of my sleeper picks for this years Bonnaroo. The percussion interplay over George Lewis Jr.'s voice on songs like "Castles In The Snow" is 1) dope 2) wicked and 3) something I want to see how it plays out live.

Is there a live drummer? What goes down?

Twin Shadow's tingly cool retro wave pop is hot. The melodic poetic lyrics on "Forget" ad a beautiful arc to Lewis' compositions.

I can only imagine what beauty Lewis will unleash in the heat in Manchester in less than 3 weeks. Will you be there to see it?

Taking Over The Game: Pretty Lights ('Roo Preview)

Pretty Lights
is ubiquitous - he is just about anywhere and everywhere these days. Popping up at festivals worldwide, with free downloads all day on and just recently announcing a series of Amphitheater style shows with Bassnectar that have them commanding a reported $150,000 a night for the duo.

Some of the festivals he's performing at include Southern California's very own Lightning in A Bottle coming up this weekend with Mr. Derek Vincent Smith playing on Saturday night as the headliner on the Lightning Stage at 12:30 a.m. PL's line-up topping status won't be lost on the committed electro fans that attend LIB, nor will it be lost on the 100,000+ expected to descend onto Manchester, TN for Bonnaroo X a few weeks later.

Having played the festival in 2009 for an intimate late night set, the beat-maestro returns to deliver some whomp, thump and bump to the swampy, sticky, over-heated 'Roo crew.

If you're not hip to Pretty Lights - he is at the top of the digital sampling, glitch-hop game. His production crosses a variety of genre barriers, sampling from a plethora of styles to create something uniquely new that has the flavors of old school hip-hop and soul. PL generates his beat compositions using the monome and the AKAI MPD32, and runs those through Ableton.

Although traditionally touring with a drummer (most recently Adam Deitch and originally Corey Eberhard), rumor has it that his summer festival run will be just Mr. Smith on the computer and machinery with no accompanying live drummer.

While I definitely prefer the live drummer status, either way - Pretty Lights is an artist definitely worth catching.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Get Hip To Gardens & Villa: Playing Tonight at Bootleg

Get hip to Gardens and Villa because these boys aren't going anywhere. Equipped with a quiver of flutes, vocals with great range and a vibrant indie band - this troupe may just be the next thing to hit out of Los Angeles.

Not only are their live shows highly entertaining (and occasionally reminiscent of Jethro Tull), but their recordings are solid. I really dig "Black Hills" for which they made a music video

Black Hills by Gardens & Villa from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

The band hits the road with L.A.'s latest breakout, Foster The People, but I'm thinking that Gardens and Villa could steal the thunder. The lead vocalists voice is a bit more polished and less annoying. Plus, it feels more indie wholesome.

And, unlike Foster The People, who have many songs that unfold into similar jungle jams that have Foster playing one drum rather poorly (i.e. "Broken Jaw", "Helena Beat", etc.) - Gardens and Villa's jam sessions have real chemistry and don't all sound the same.

You can catch these cool cats with a bunch of other indie all-stars tonight at Bootleg Bar. They are joined by White Arrows, Milo Greene and Dangerbird Records' Eulogies. Should be awesome. And it is FREE!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rusko - "Everyday"

Watch out for one of the heavyweights of womp this weekend when Rusko takes over The Wiltern on Saturday night. To warm you up, Mad Decent recently posted up his music video for "Everyday" which was shot in the California desert near the Salton Sea.

Check it out...and check him out on Saturday where he is joined by Doorly!

Rusko - Everyday from Mad Decent on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wasn't Kidding About Weapons of Audio

Heard from some friends in NYC that the Weapons of Audio show was way way impressive. Their words exactly were "they should be playing arenas." That forced me to go dig around the 'net a little bit and I unearthed this video for "If You Want Me." Not only does the sing remind me a little bit of Prince, but apparently that female vocalist has been on The Voice.

Brothers Floyd and Jeremy Daniels clearly have the hotness. And here they're joined by Coco, Breezy and Angela Wolff. Peep it for yourself...

Alex Winston - "Sister Wife"

We like Alex Winston. We like her a lot.

Alex Winston - "Sister Wife" from stereogum on Vimeo.

Lay It Down (Remix) - Lloyd ft. B.o.B.

Polow Da Don did the beat, Lloyd lays down the sultry vocals and B.o.B.'s verse is pretty precise and appropriate given the subject matter.

Peep the video -

'Roo Preview: Best Coast Brings Their Left Coast Sounds to Bonnaroo

The minimal, deliberately lo-fi jangly surf pop sound of Best Coast is good for nostalgia and backdrop music - and perfect for a beachtime chill session. That latter thought may be a result of having watched the "When I'm With You" video one to many times...depends who you ask.

What is certain is that their sound has caught hold nationwide. With some Beach Boys influences and a sound that can be compared to other newcomers like Tennis - their deliberately indie surf sound is a fun summer soundscape. You can catch a good handful of their worthy compositions at Bonnaroo 2011 as well as several other festivals, including Sasquatch and Outside Lands stateside and End of The Road Festival and Electric Picnic Festival across the pond. They are also playing in Los Angeles this weekend at Largo on Sunday May 15th as part of a benefit for the Littlest Humor Foundation.

Best Coast has a storied history despite not being that old of a band. The brainchild behind Best Coast, Bethany Cosentino, found her chemistry counterpart in Bobb Bruno, an L.A. musician who'd assisted the great Jon Brion, amongst others. After hearing Bethany's "Sun Was High" demo - Bruno was sold and Best Coast as we know it was born.

Their first recordings were generated out of Bruno's bedroom and released on a series of 7 inches on several indie labels. With the previously mentioned "When I'm WIth You," as well as "Sun Was High" and "This Is Real" grabbing the attention of the Pitchfork's of the world - their rise to fame was indie fame was secured. Their full length, Crazy For You, was recorded in Echo Park at Black Iris.

Catch them at 'Roo X, or somewhere else this summer while their catalogue isn't yet really huge, as they'll probably be adding to it soon and possibly even working on a follow up after their late summer European festival run.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Don't freak out. There are still five days before some believe the world is going to end. Just enough time for you to acquire your Rapture Travel Kit before heading to the climax event that is Saint Motel at The Roxy. Cause, if I'm going to die before I'm 30, it better be at Saint Motel concert.

Get tickets to the show by mentioning @supergoodmusic @theroxy and @saintmotel in a tweet (you must follow @supergoodmusic to win). See what's contained in that special Travel Kit here:

Check out other cool promo videos for the event here:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What The Knux? ('Roo Preview)

In light of Bonnaroo announcing their schedule - I'm continuing with my 'Roo Preview and countdown of artists SUPERGOOD thinks are super good. The Knux, hailing from New Orleans, blend of rap has been a favorite on my speakers since I first heard the album "Remind Me In 3 Days..."

With clear influences from Outkast and The Pharcyde, and a style that embraces a little bit of a rocker's swagger, it surprises me that The Knux didn't explode more off of "Remind Me in 3 Days..." Honestly, it was one of my favorite records of 2008. From "Bang, Bang!" - the Entourage trailer track to "Cappuccino" to "Powder Room" there were a bunch of bangers touching on subjects not often visited by rappers toeing a line close to pop-hop.

"Daddy's Little Girl" and "Powder Room" survived several years in my i-pod and made a return in 2011 when the duo dropped a leak from their second LP, "She's So Up", on Consequence of Sound in early February. The new material definitely has much more of a rock underpinning to it as heard in the driving guitar riff, but still possesses a catchy hook and their creative flow.

Very exciting to have these two brothers (Kentrell "Krispy" Lindsey and Alvin "Joey" Lindsey) on the 'Roo line-up - and at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday night no less. What a great way to kick off the first night considering they were all the rage of the 2009 festival season (although they didn't perform at that many of them) and are well known for their intense and riveting live performances.

Just like The Knux bubbled up out of New Orleans and seemed to escape the west coast until their songs were synched with some popular TV shows (Entourage) and films (Harold & Kumar), another act from the southeast that should be popping up on the radar for everyone else soon is Weapons of Audio.

Those boys (and brothers as well) hail from North Carolina and have a sound that is one part The Knux, one part Prince, a little bit of Outkast and a cup of something new. Their synthesized soul or synthesized hip-hop soul is plain dope. Sadly, Weapons of Audio are not on Bonnaroo's line-up this year (or anyone else's festival line up either). That said, I promise they should be.

I've checked out some of their tracks on their facebook page after learning that they'd recorded with Grammy nominated Graham Marsh (the producer behind Cee-Lo's Bright Lights Big City) and from there, I just fell in love. You can fall in love with them too and then beg your local talent buyers to bring them to your city. Check them out on their facebook page and be sure to listen to "If You Want Me" if you want to hear the Prince influences; here is a video for their song "Boulevard" from their debut release "Bipolar".

@gwatsky - fastest white rapper?

So, I'd seen George Watsky's videos and thought they were clever and funny, but hadn't put much more thought into it. Then I met the guy last night at The Royal Family Ball at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. He was really friendly, clearly into good music (Soulive, Lettuce & Break Science w/ Charli 2na) and mentioned that he'd been meeting with some labels, but no one had offered him a deal yet.

Check out the first of the below videos. It has close to 10 million hits. Who knows what he is capable of writing, but he clearly has an audience already. At the very least, a significant online presence. He has a strong vocabulary. He uses good diction. He delivers his rhymes well.

Something is wrong with this business when a guy with close to 10 million hits on one video is not even getting an offer. He has talent. He can rap fast, faster than most, and that is worth something. Even if the offers were bad ones, someone should have offered him something. Its not every day you meet someone who can rap like this....

Check him out on twitter at @gwatsky

Friday, May 13, 2011

Alex Winston's "Sister Wife" Video

DJ B Roc of The Knocks worked on the track I believe. Alex Winston is bringing it in 2011. Check out her video for "Sister Wife."

Alex Winston - Sister Wife from Alex Winston on Vimeo.

Rusko at Wiltern & "Everday"

Rusko is throwing his womp down at The Wiltern on Saturday night with Destructo.

He also just dropped this dope video for "Everyday" that was shot in the California desert by the Salton Sea.

Rusko - Everyday from Mad Decent on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


A few days ago we heard the good news that a new festival event was coming to Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and the line-up was decently dope. Dope in the sense that it has grammy award winners and multiple acts that could sell out Hollywood Palladium.

The creme de la creme of the line-up has to be Rage Against The Machine who return to play their first show in LA since their benefit concert expressing their distaste for the legislation concerning non citizens in Arizona. The crowd would be amped for them anyway, but with rage inducing Immortal Technique and exceptional rockers Muse oiling the crowd up, the volume is probably going up to 11.

Rounding out the announced line-up so far are Ms. Lauryn Hill, Rise Against and El Gran Silencio. The event takes place on July 30th and tickets go on sale Friday, May 13th, at 10 a.m. PST for $69.00 and $99.00 respectively, plus fees. If you're too eager to wait, KROQ is hosting an exclusive presale today beginning at 10 a.m. The password is KROQLARISING.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

'Roo Preview: Alberta Cross

With just under a month to go until the tenth anniversary of Bonnaroo, we’re finally getting into our countdown and what better place to start than a band that is also doing a residency at The Satellite in Los Angeles this month?

That band is Alberta Cross and their contagious indie blues Americana rock album Broken Side of Time has infected my headphones and car stereo for the last week. The five piece are based in New York, but original formers Petter Ericson Stakee and Terry Wolfers were bred from a European rock background.

A listen to their full length, Broken Side of Time, which was released in September 2009, invites comparisons to groups like The Raconteurs and The Band – although I’d say Cross sits in a slightly edgier, rougher space. Understandably, the band has shared stages with acts like Ben Harper & The Relentless 7, Them Crooked Vultures, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club as a result.

Check out songs like “Song 3Three Blues” to get a taste – and then buy their record directly from them at their webstore. Unfortunately the 180 Gram Vinyl and the Deluxe Edition are both sold out…but the CD or digital download are well worth it. If you’re going to the ‘Roo, you’re going to want to be familiar with these songs. And if you're not going, you may want to be familiar with them for Sasquatch Music Festival or the traveling Dave Matthews Band event.

If you’re in Los Angeles, get familiar in person ever Tuesday this May at The Satellite. Coming up on the 17th they share stage with local westsiders Chasing Kings as well as Sunny War. And for their final installment on the 24th they are joined by Rumspringa, Last American Buffalo and Catwalk. Tickets for The Satellite shows are $10 and tickets for Bonnaroo X are still available through Bonnaroo’s website for $249.50 + applicable fees.

The Second Collision - Filter Magazine Hosts 2nd Annual Culture Collide Festival 10.6 - 10.9

Like any supergood professional organization should, Filter Magazine is bringing their music celebration party crashing back. Culture Collide returns to Los Angeles for its second annual installment with another banging 4 day internationally flavored extravaganza taking place October 6th - 9th.

With Mr. Kool Aid like energy, current headliner CSS makes everyone move their feet. Without insulting last years event (because it was good), Cansei De Ser Sexy is a step above. Those are some wild women who are representing for all of South America (as of now).

Representing for the U.S. are a favorite of mine - Rainbow Arabia. Check out "Without You" if you've been sleeping on this pot of sonic colors. I also really dig Holiday In Congo (Mexicans With Guns Remix)...amazeballs, but hey, that's me. I like a little womp with my indie at times. Jason Falkner, He's My Brother/She's My Sister, Handshakes, Young Liars and Spain also bear the badge of our U.S. steeze. Buck 65 and Snowblink hold it down for the provinces up North of U.S.

At this point, the fact that their are early bird $20 wristbands available should have you salivating...and then there is Europe.

Europe has already confirmed a gang of artists - Lindstrom for one. I also like Martin Clancy & The Witness Protection Programme. Switzerland's Kassette,Disco Doom and The Awkwards. Indigo Tree, Paula i Karol, Ginga, Isobel Campbell, My bubba & Mi, Please The Trees, and BrainStorm too.

New Zealand's Liam Finn - whom I've dug since I heard "Second Chance" is going to be there. And I'll be there too. At whichever venue they're putting him at on the East Side of Los Angeles.

The Yellow Dogs from Iran round out the lot of confirmations thus far. But rest assured, Filter will have more.

Wonder who will be this years Theophilus London? Will it be Chicago's Keith Masters with England's Futurecop!? Or Plan B? Or both? Who knows? Those FIlter people do. Stay tuned to Filter Magazine's site and twitter for updates to the line-up and the latest deets. But - you could just keep it simple and buy a ticket now. It's $20, it's already worth it.

For the most updated information on FILTER Magazine's Culture Collide, please visit and follow FILTER Magazine on Facebook and Twitter.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tyler The Creator Throws Special Show at Troubadour

If you're hip to Odd Future aka OFWGKTA aka Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All then you probably already know that de facto group leader Tyler, The Creator is releasing his album Goblin today, May 10th. You might also know that Tyler is doing a special show at Troubadour tonight to promote.

Lets say you weren't at Coachella, you don't read the New York Times, you don't watch Jimmy Fallon and the realities of rising rap artists just escape you - then you may not know that. SO, this serves as official notice that one of the most talked about MC's of the year, from one of the most sought after groups in the game, is doing a special pre-album release show at The Troubadour.

To make it even cooler, the only way you can get tickets to show is to line up at Amoeba Music in Hollywood at 4 pm today, purchase "Goblin," hope you get that golden ticket and then make the trek to the Troub.

Definitely expect rowdiness and, most likely, some cameos from other members of the OFWGKTA clan.

Here is his disturbing video for "Yonkers," which is on the album.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Singer/Songwriter Robert Kelly in L.A. this Week

While Andrew W.K. gets rowdy with like-minded partyers at Echoplex and The Lonely Wild treats westsiders to their Americana at The Central SAPC, Nashville’s Robert Kelly will be pleasing fans and recruiting new ones around 11 pm tonight at The Hotel CafĂ©.

If Tuesdays are tough, or the notice isn’t enough, Kelly does it again on the 12th at On The Rox at 8:45 and on the 14th at 3Clubs at 11:45.

Kelly’s recently released debut full length, We Are Poetry, appeared at #15 on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts. And rightfully so - the album was produced by Thomas Doeve, the same man responsible for production on Andrew Belle’s The Ladder, and Doeve captures Kelly well in his arrangements.

Although singer/songwriters often elude my i-pod playlist, Kelly’s energy and sincerity invite the casual listener in. Kelly’s guitar and the accompanying instrumentation on the 10 track offering complement Kelly’s voice and lyrics well to create a solid album.

While not pushing boundaries anywhere they haven’t been, We Are Poetry delivers.

Robert Kelly will be in Los Angeles until May 22nd. You can check out more and listen to his music at

Brit Week Invades Los Angeles

British electro rock band Viva City are hitting up the left coast of the states for a handful of rocking shows for Brit Week, including tonight at The Viper Room, tomorrow at Saint Rocke (5/10 - Tuesday) and Thursday at Silverlake Lounge.

I saw them once before at Viper Room, where I was wildly impressed and danced my ass off an unexpected amount. I'd strongly urge anyone who is a fan of a raucous UK band that can throw down to consider checking out one of those shows - especially the first two considering that SUPERGOOD is giving away free tickets to shows at The Viper Room and Saint Rocke. All you have to do to be considered for one of those giveaways is send an e-mail to with the name Viva City and the venue you'd like to go to or comment on our SUPERGOODMUSIC facebook page, or you can tweet @vivacityuk @theviperroom and @supergoodmusic in the same tweet. FYI, you must follow @supergoodmusic to win the twitter contest.

Check out their video for "Brother" that was posted last week -

You can learn more about the band on their website here. Their debut album, Phobia, was released last month by Vert Records.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Backin Up Video Revisited

If this doesn't make you laugh, I don't know what will.

Somehow the full length video of "Backin Up" by The Gregory's escaped me for about half a year. I'd only seen like the 1 minute 30 second version. This full length is that much better. Hope your daddy taught you good too...

The original news broadcast precedes it just in case you missed it.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Matisyahu Live Tour Dates Announced/Kosha Dillz Yom Hashoah Freestyle

Today is Yom Hashoah, the day of remembrance for the Holocaust, so it is only fitting that I make an announcement about some of the more outspoken Jewish musical talents, Matisyahu and Kosha Dillz.

Matisyahu just recently announced a grip of summer tour dates and has a pretty cool merch promo going on at right now....

Every ticket bought on includes an instant download of "Beat Box" from "Live at Stubbs, Vol. II", plus a mystery item from the merch table at the show you attend.....FREE! Additionally, you can get all of the above plus your choice of a new tour t-shirt for $20 -- that's 20% off the price at the show! All you have to do is present your receipt at the venue on the night of the show and you will be able to redeem your items!

Head over to to get your tickets and tees, and check out the full tour schedule below. For an extra special deal, try and hit up Gilt Groupe to see if you can still get in on their VIP package for August 3rd at Club Nokia which is sure to sell out -

SAT 6/25/11 - Boston MA @ The Paradise
SUN 6/26/11 - Allentown PA @ Crocodile Rock
MON 6/27/11 - Cleveland OH @ House of Blues
WED 6/29/11 - Milwaukee WI @ Summerfest
THU 6/30/11 - Minneapolis MN @ The Zoo
SAT 7/2/11 - Aspen CO @ Belly Up
SUN 7/3/11 - Colorado Springs CO @ Black Sheep
MON 7/4/11 - Morrison CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre*
WED 7/6/11 - Des Moines IA @ Simon Estes Amphitheatre^
THU 7/7/11 - Kansas City MO @ Crossroads^
SAT 7/9/11 - St. Louis MO @ Pageant
SUN 7/10/11 - Detroit MI @ St. Andrews Hall+
MON 7/11/11 - Columbus OH @ Newport Music Hall+
TUE 7/12/11 - Grand Rapids MI @ The Intersection+
WED 7/13/11 - Indianapolis IN @ Egyptian Theatre+
THU 7/14/11 - Chicago IL @ Congress Theatre^^
SAT 7/16/11 - Pittsburgh PA @ Stage AE
SUN 7/17/11 - Baltimore MD @ Artscape- Balt. Fest of the Arts
MON 7/18/11 - Providence RI @ Lupo's
WED 7/20/11 - Cincinnati OH @ Bogart's
THU 7/21/11 - Louisville KY @ Headliner's
SUN 7/24/11 - Salt Lake City UT @ The Complex
MON 7/25/11 - Boise ID @ Knitting Factory
TUE 7/26/11 - Spokane WA @ Knitting Factory+
WED 7/27/11 - Vancouver BC @ Commodore Ballroom+
THU 7/28/11 - Portland OR @ Oregon Zoo Amphitheatre+
SAT 7/30/11 - Seattle WA @ Neptune+
TUE 8/2/11 - San Francisco CA @ Regency Ballroom
WED 8/3/11 - Los Angeles CA @ Club Nokia+
THU 8/4/11 - Ventura CA @ Ventura Theatre+
SAT 8/6/11 - Las Vegas NV @ Hard Rock Pool+
SUN 8/7/11 - San Diego CA @ Humphrey's+
TUE 8/9/11 - Anaheim CA @ The Grove+
WED 8/10/11 - Phoenix AZ @ The Marquee+
SAT 8/13/11 - Omaha NE @ Maha Music Festival
SUN 8/14/11 - Tulsa OK @ Cain's Ballroom
MON 8/15/11 - Dallas TX @ House of Blues
TUE 8/16/11 - Houston TX @ House of Blues
THU 8/18/11 - Helotes TX @ Josabi's
SAT 8/20/11 - Taos NM @ Taos Mountain Music Festival
SUN 8/21/11 - New Orleans LA @ House of Blues
MON 8/22/11 - Atlanta GA @ Center Stage
TUE 8/23/11 - Ponte Vedra Beach FL @ Ponte Vedra Concert Hall
WED 8/24/11 - Orlando FL @ Hard Rock
THU 8/25/11 - Miami FL @ The Fillmore
SUN 8/28/11 - Birmingham AL @ Alys Robinson Stephens Performing Arts Center
MON 8/29/11 - Charleston SC @ The Music Farm
TUE 8/30/11 - Charlotte NC @ Amos' Southland
WED 8/31/11 - Norfolk VA @ The Norva
THU 9/1/11 - Atlantic City, NJ @ The Borgata
SAT 9/3/11 - Lowell MA @ Lowell Summer Music Series
SUN 9/4/11 - New Haven, CT @ Toad's Place-
TUE 9/6/11 - Montreal QC @ Club Soda
WED 9/7/11 - Toronto ON @ The Phoenix

* - Supporting Blues Traveler
^ - With The Wailers
^^ - Co-headlining with Toots & the Maytals, Lukas Nelson supporting
+ - Tea Leaf Green supporting

Kosha Dillz dropped a cool Yom Hashoah freestyle on his youtube page earlier today. It pays homage to those that fell in the Holocaust, including non-jews, and is pretty street and wicked. Check out the link below: