Thursday, July 30, 2009

Still Reeling Over Kid Cudi

Can his album come out already please?  That Kid Cudi show was the best hip-hop show I've seen since Atmosphere at The Wiltern in late September - and it is hard to compare an artist to Atmosphere.  Everyone in Atmosphere's crowds know his lyrics.  

But, Cudi was better than Kanye at Staples or Kanye at Nokia Theatre.  Cudi was better than Jay-Z at The Palladium.  Cudi was better than Snoop Dogg at Bonnaroo.   Cudi was better than the headliner, Asher R
oth.  Cudi was cool Cooder and the crowd loved him.  

I had the mixtape through downloads - but now that I have the CD rocking in my car - I just can't get him out of my head.  I really love that he sampled from Outkast's Aquemini - beat and lyrics "this is my story, this my song..." on Track 2.  

But, "Man On The Moon," "Embrace The Martian", "50 Ways To Make A Record", "The Funeral" ...                                           
 they are all spectacular and different than anything else I'm hearing these days.  Can you imagine w
hat is going to be on this album?  I'm just salivating at the possibilities.  

I felt so good leaving his show - not only did I buy his mixtape that I already o
wner.  I bought B.O.B.'s disc and the hype-mans disc!  I am a grizzled concert veteran and I bought the hype mans CD.  THE HYPE MANS CD.  It sounds stupid when I say it out loud....but, that is how freaking good this concert was.  You just wanted to support everyone who did the damn thing - including the hype man....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pigeon John Tonight

Pigeon John, the soulful hip-hop hipster who went to UCLA will be storming The Roxy tonight with Rootbeer.  If that bill isn't good enough for you - Bedouin Soundclash and The Lions are also playing.  

This is going to be dope and tickets are available at the door.  

Check out The Roxy's site for details.  

If you are on the east-side and bored - go to Space 15 Twenty right now - they are hosting the Love and Rockets tribute album record release party!

Ebony Bones Surprises Dimmak Tuesday @ Cinespace

Last night, the DIMMAK TUESDAY party at Cinespace got a little bit crazy....and by little bit, I mean very.  The line was the longest I'd ever seen, largely attributable to the Etienne De Crecy performance that was scheduled.  I was amped to see him, even if he was going to play without his digital hollywood squares light box extravaganza.

After coming to early, I split until like 10:20 or 10:30 only to return to a line that was over a half block long on both sides of the Cinespace entrance.  I guess people purchased prepaid tickets out the wazoo - but all for good reason.  I would normally get irritated at having to wait in such a long line for something I'd RSVP'd too - but I happened to meet a really cool girl, Jennifer Shorr, who is doing some interesting work with the people who started .  (If you haven't checked out the site - it is absolutely hilarious - it features all the things you wish you could say out loud at a bar, but never would; graphic details of small life events that make them all the more colorful; snide self -deprecating remarks that people might not ordinarily share; etc.)  Be on the look-out for more cool things happening with the textsfromlastnight crew.  

Anyhow, wee got inside at about 11:15, grabbed a drink and made our way to the backroom - where there was a full band set-up.  I had no idea what was about to hit us next, even though I had been tipped off about an alleged Ebony Bones secret show on Tuesday night.  Well - just my fucking luck - it was at Cinespace.  

The UK sensation (who for some reason is not blowing up in the US yet) stormed the stage with their colorful and aesthetically unique stage presence.  The bassist was shirtless with some weird necklaces and hair garb, the back-up singers looked like some combination of oompa-loompas, samurais and geisha, the saxophonist had the craziest drawn on uni-brow I've ever seen on a woman and the female lead was just a god-damn bombshell with her turquoise lipstick, fluffy blue shirt and red tights.

The band didn't all start on stage at once, but rather the rhythm section starting warming the crowd up before the back-up singers took to the stage jumping while blowing their whistles.  This continued for a few minutes before Ebony got up on stage and introduced herself.  

Now, the lead is a beautiful, nubian goddess whose on-stage presence and fashion selection reminds me of M.I.A. and/or Santigold crossed with the lead from Cansei De Ser Sexy.  This girl could wail, dance and look really good while doing it.  Although I am not super familiar with their songs - it was not difficult to get into their groove quickly.  I was two-step-indie tapping for the entire set.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), Ebony Bones was so damn good that they overshadowed the DJs that performed after them until Etienne De Crecy played.  EDC started off sounding dope and I am sure that brought it all night - but I didn't get to stay until the end.  If anything crazy went down - please, please let me know.    

Monday, July 27, 2009

CONCERT BLAST 07/27-08/02

Here is your weekly CONCERT BLAST updating you on the live music scene in Los Angeles from Monday July 27th to Sunday August 2nd.  On The Radar has also been extensively updated and errors have been corrected (thank you to those of you who pointed them out or gave me a heads up on a show).  Heads up to anyone who listens to Phish or enjoys their shows – tickets for their Halloween extravaganza in Indio went on sale at 10 AM PST. 


If you’d like to cut straight to the BLAST, scroll below.  If you’d like a rundown on the last week of music in LA and my recommendations for the upcoming week, read on….


Last Monday night I played it low-key and never made it out to Andy Clockwise across town – so maybe I will hit him up in Silverlake tonight for his last showing during his July Monday night residency at Spaceland.  Opening up for him tonight will be Ebony Bones – a great act from England that hasn’t blown up in the states…..yet.


Tuesday the 21st was Mark The Cobrasnake’s birthday party at Cinespace for DIM MAK’s weekly event.  I was hoping there would be some crazy cameos like there were at The Whip’s birthday event a few months back, but nothing too wild happened.  Maybe that will change this week when Etienne De Crecy, the awesome European artist who plays inside that digital gigantic Hollywood squares-esque structure, plays a DJ set sans structure.  


Wednesday was a crazy day of music – with my first show at Pershing Square for the season (for those of you who do not know – Pershing Square hosts free music events throughout the summer – with food vending around the square).  My local favorites, The French Semester, were added to the bill late and opened for Voxhaul Broadcast.  The French Semester warmed the eclectic downtown crowd with a handful of tunes from their first 2 albums as well as a smattering of songs from their forthcoming release, including a great jazzed up arrangement of “The Large Bouquet.”  Voxhaul took the stage shortly after TFS – and surprised me with their musical evolution, but not in a good way.  They went from being a soft-indie rock band with decent songwriting to an indie-hair-rock-punk band that I just didn’t enjoy.  I left Pershing Square before they finished so that I could make my way to Spaceland to see Magic Wands (who will return to LA on October 5th for a show at The Troubadour with School of Seven Bells).  They have a song called “Black Magic” that I love – but their music just didn’t translate that well into a live setting.  The group is just 2 artists, with no drummer, and there low-tempo indie-rock just isn’t that charismatic or exciting to watch on stage.  Thankfully, The Noisettes played after Magic Wands and totally took down the house.  Their lead, a beautiful woman I might add, could really wail.              


After skipping town for most of the weekend to go to the beautiful High Sierras and Kings Canyon National Park, I sped back to make sure I made it out the House of Blues for the Great Hangover Tour featuring Kid Cudi and Asher Roth.  It was the best live hip-hop-ish performance I have seen in years (with the exception of Atmosphere, who always kills it) and I barely even stayed for Asher Roth.  B.O.B. was a huge surprise – his flow is great, he uses great diction and he is extremely comfortable going a cappella.  He had the whole crowd jumping and dancing as if he were the headliner; fans even cheered when he brought out his hype-man.  Can you remember the last time that happened at a hip-hop show?  I can’t.  And then the dude whipped out a guitar and played urban folk soul – before busting into some folky rap.  I’d heard of him before – but after seeing B.O.B.’s performance, now he is really on my radar.  Kid Cudi came next – and he brought the freaking house down.  The crowd was so amped – you could see the excitement in Cudi’s eyes when he walked on the stage.  He combed through mix-tape material (“Man on The Moon” and “Embrace The Martian”), future album material and, of-course, his banger – “Day N’ Night” – which he performed a cappella, normal version and Crookers’ remix version.  He danced around stage, he shook hands with the crowd…he even gave away his Converse at the end of the night.  The man they call Cooder (real name Scott Mescudi) is truly a top-notch performer.  While he may be all the rage right now – he still raps for the everyday man.  While he might be on Kanye West’s label, and have Kanye West’s swagger – he doesn’t seem to be obnoxiously arrogant like Kanye – which only makes me like him more.  For those of you who missed it – I am sorry because it is unlikely that he will every play in a room that small in Los Angeles ever again.  For those of you who were there – be happy you were.  I skipped out on most of Asher Roth because, quite honestly, there was no way he was going to hold a candle to the two prior performers.  His hit single is played out, his rhymes really aren’t that spectacular and he just didn’t appear to have the same hutzpah as B.O.B. or Kid Cudi.            


Now to this week – as indicated above – I’m suggesting Andy Clockwise and Ebony Bones at Spaceland tonight.  Tomorrow I am suggesting Etienne De Crecy at Cinespace.  You will also find me at Hollywood and Highland for the KD3 (Karl Denson Trio) show – Denson is the saxophonist from Lenny Kravitz’s band and he has incredible chops.  If jazz and/or electronic are not your thing – I’d suggest heading to see Band of Skulls, a U.K. group that are in town showcasing their talents at Spaceland on Tuesday and Bardot on Wednesday. 


Wednesday I am definitely heading to the Roxy to see Bedouin Soundclash, The Lions and Pigeon John.  I’ve been a Pigeon John fan for years – his airy, feel-good flow, and sweet sounding/often melodic voice, combine for some positive energy hip-hop.  The Lions are good in concert and this will be my first time seeing the soulful street-sounds of Toronto’s Bedouin Soundclash.  If I have the chance, I may pop across the street to catch Burn Down The Mission at The Viper Room too (I’m hearing good things about them).  If I didn’t already have tickets to The Roxy – I might have considered going to Spaceland to see Themselves and Emily Wells.  Themselves is comprised of Jel and Doseone of the Anticon camp – and I imagine it is a unique type of hip-hop that few are capable of emulating.  With Emily Wells providing support (violinist, looper, rapper, musician extraordinaire), this line-up is just stellar.  If you haven’t heard Emily before – check out her cover of B.I.G.’s “Juicy”, which is even better live.   


Thursday is probably the night I am taking it easy – but if I do go out – it will be either to Troubadour to check out Gram Rabbit (Oliver Future opens) or AWOLNATION, featuring Aaron Bruno from Under The Influence of Giants, at The Viper Room.  Both artists are rockers – but they represent different ends of the rock spectrum – AWOLNATION is certainly more aggressive than Gram Rabbit – although both artists have considerable range.  Download Gram Rabbit’s cover of “White Rabbit” for free from their myspace page –  


The French Semester plays on Friday night at The Knitting Factory as the headlining artist for IPO Festival.  Their performance will be in the Alterknit Lounge.  I’m going for my weekly dosage of immigrant-rock, but I’m not to keen on a lot of the support for that night (We Should Be Dead should be worth seeing).  Nonetheless, I will make sure to be there by 10:30 pm to get in the door and be there to catch The French Semester’s set.  It will most likely be their last performance at The Knitting Factory as the venue is closing at the end of October. 


Saturday night is either FUNKY SOLE at Echo – cause it is dope AND free – or going to the Avalon to see N.E.R.D.  Probably Echo due to budget constraints...and then Sunday is The Pack at The Roxy.  I’ll have my Vans on, but they’ll look like sneakers…




Monday July 27th


Mark The Cobrasnake Presents: Spin The Bottle feat. Them Jeans @ The Roxy

Jarvis Cocker, Little Joy @ The Wiltern

Japanese Motors, Thee Makeout Party, The Blank Tapes, Goldiggers! @ Echoplex

The Mekons, The Pulsars, Bollweevil @ Echo

Andy Clockwise, The Audreys, Carla Werner, Matt Ellis, Ebony Bones @ Spaceland (FREE)

Rebelution, Mason Proper @ Hunnypot Unlimited Radio (Free)

Starlight Mints, JP Inc, Castledoor @ Troubadour

Prohibition Rose, Alevela, Irene Nelson, We Govern We, Valora @ The Viper Room

S.P.E.C. Entertainment Comedy + Music Showcase @ Viper Room Downstairs Lounge

Sweaters, Nicole Simone, The Morning After Girls, Nick Motil, Diane Birch @ The Hotel Café

No Doubt, Paramore, The Sounds @ Gibson Amphitheatre

Steel Panther, Petty Cash @ Key Club

Starlight Mints, JP Inc. @ Troubadour

60 Watt Kid @ Women (Moved from Pehrspace)

Last American Buffalo, The Monthlies, Rio Bravo, Venus Illuminato @ Silverlake Lounge (FREE)

Ash Reiter, Pierre De Reeder (Rilo Kiley), The Long Lost @ Bootleg Theatre

Rich Sheldon @ The Whaler

Kevin Kanner Quintet @ The Mint (Free after 9:30)

The Honeysuckle Jones Revival, Nikki O’Neil Band, Paula Kelley Orchestra, Kay Hanley, Gaby Moreno, Karen Nash, Michele Vreeland @ Molly Malones

Gavin Degraw @ Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Tiny Vipers, Lazarus, Night Canopy, Dameon Lee @ Echo Curio

The Victorians, Ribbons @ The Prospector

Jeremy Buck and The Bang @ Saint Rocke

Open Mic Night @ Genghis Cohen


Tuesday July 28th


MySpace Comedy Presents The Mighty Boosh @ The Roxy

Karl Denson Trio (KD3) @ Hollywood & Highland Center

Magnolia Electric Co., The Donkeys, Dave Gleason & Old Californio @ Echo

Regina Spektor, Little Joy @ El Rey (SOLD OUT)

Band of Skulls, Useless Keys, The Filthy Souls @ Spaceland

Chicago, Earth Wind & Fire @ Nokia Theatre L.A. Live

Glasvegas, Ida Maria @ Henry Fonda Theatre

No Doubt, Paramore, The Sounds @ Gibson Amphitheatre (SOLD OUT)

Our Lady Peace @ Troubadour (SOLD OUT)

Bass Science @ Zanzibar

Bluehouse, Dante Brunetto @ Genghis Cohen

Obi Best, Willoughby @ Bootleg Theater

The Nights, Pulse Out, Victim Vision @ Silverlake Lounge

Mack Winston & The Reflections, Luke Paquin (Hot Hot Heat), John Webster Jogns @ Bordello

Etienne De Crecy @ Cinespace (DIMMAK TUESDAY)

Cubensis (Grateful Dead Tribute) @ Marlin Bar & Grill

Holly Williams, Maxim Ludwig & The Santa Fe Seven, Chris Pickering @ The Mint

Heather Waters, The Chapin Sisters, The Once Was, Kristy Kruger, Jesca Hoop @ The Hotel Café

The Showdown, Hands, Amarna Reign, Operation Downfall @ Knitting Factory

50 Cent Haircut @ The Foundry on Melrose

Adjoa Skinner, Anna Gilbert, Whisper in The Roar, Aidean @ Molly Malones

Harmala, Stonyatti @ HOB – Sunset

Bigfellas @ The Good Hurt

Kid Theodore @ Universal Bar & Grill

Mahler’s Fifth w/ LA Philharmonic @ Hollywood Bowl

Morgan Orion and the Constellations, Hank, Moreeats @ Echo Curio

Ron Tanski @ Saint Rocke



Wednesday July 29th


Bedouin Soundclash, The Lions, Rootbeer feat. Pigeon John @ The Roxy

Band of Skulls @ Bardot

Adam Marsland’s Chaos Band, The Janks, Fat City Reprise, Golden Years, J.P. Cregan, Coca-Cola @ Echo

Club Underground Night @ Pershing Square

Dub Club @ Echoplex

Themselves (Doseone and Jel), Post Foetus, Emily Wells @ Spaceland

Trashcan Sinatras, Brookville @ The Troubadour

EntropyFunk, DUBLUVA, Cassoria, BIG TIME @ The Mint

The London, Morakestra, The Ross Sea Party, Burn Down The Mission, Dimitri Fremont @ The Viper Room

Neo Geo, Phathom, Chaplin, Walk The Rio, The Kinzie Affair @ Knitting Factory

Long Live Logos, Megasapien @ Knitting Factory (Alterknit Lounge)

John Pizzarelli @ Catalina Jazz Club

Lemonwilde @ Good Hurt Night Club

Tara Holloyway @ Room 5

David Ryan Harris, Ernie Halter, JT Spangler, Angel Taylor, Ryan Star @ The Hotel Café

Steve Key @ Club 705

Guadalajara Joe @ Dragon Fly Club

Carnival, Choreographer’s Ball @ Key Club

Watts Ensemble, Firs @ Bootleg Theater

Brandon Reynolds, Dylan Trees @ Silverlake Lounge

Crystal Antlers, Audacity, Mika Miko @ Alex’s Bar

Can of Jam Night @ HOB - Sunset

Julianna Raye, Rght of the stars, The Get Back @ Molly Malones

Soundbox Sessions w/ Steve Aguilar @ Saint Rocke

Aimee Bobruk, Ainjel Emme, Alex Hwang, Emily O’Halloran @ Genghis Cohen

Murderland, Dead Country @ Redwood Bar & Grill




Thursday July 30th


Nino Moschella, Chin Chin @ The Continental Room

Castanets, Warmer Milks @ Spaceland

The Stars & Stripes of Comedy @ Echoplex (7:30 pm)

Barrio Tiger, Jessie Delux, Angus Khan (Record Release Party), Thunderdikk @ Echo

Down and Derby Rollerdisco @ Echoplex (9:00 pm)

Maia Sharp, Dada @ Pershing Square

Shaham Plays Beethoven w/ Los Angeles Philharmonic @ Hollywood Bowl

Smashup Brothers, Din Calibur, Vas Defrans, Vinnie Lerra, Danny Johnson @ El Rey

John Pizzarelli @ Catalina Jazz Club

Bryan Callan, International Farmers, Pete Richard @ Saint Rocke

DUBLUVA @ Lighthouse

Keeley Valentino, Belkins 4, The Happy Problem @ Molly Malones

Wayne Hancock, Merle Jagger, Willem & Dakota @ The Mint

Rachel Goodrich, Nightfur, Steve Reynolds, The Audreys, John Swardson @ The Hotel Cafe

The Wailers, Tomorrows Bad Seeds @ HOB – Anaheim

Orchestra Baobab @ Santa Monica Pier (FREE)

The Sounds @ Key Club (SOLD OUT)

Xu Xu Fang @ Swinghouse (7175 Willoughby)

Skeletons With Flesh On Them, Stencil @ Silver Factory Studios

Gram Rabbit, Oliver Future @ Troubadour

Nick Daugherty @ Thee Viper Room

HoneyHoney @ The Roxy

Square on Square @ Silverlake Lounge

Can of Jam Presents Battle For Los Angeles Finale @ Knitting Factory

Pan America, Toy Robot, End Transmission @ Knitting Factory (Alterknit Lounge)

IPO 2009 feat. The Trainwrecks, X86, Donat Say Vegas, Blue Sky Divide, AM Interstate @ Knitting Factory Front Stage

Gloria Trevi @ HOB – Sunset

The Seizure, Strange Waves @ L’Keg Gallery

Kevin Greenspon, Prayola, Runners, Megawand, Ancient Crux @ Echo Curio

Ratas Del Vaticano, Infinite Body, Mikki and the Mauses, Tearist @ The Smell

AWOLNATION, All Wrong and The Plans Chage, Jinrail @ The Viper Room

Laura Tsaggaaris, Zachariah, Nancy Gardos @ Genghis Cohen

The Honorable DHC, David Serby @ Redwood Bar & Grill




Friday July 31st


IPO 2009 feat. The French Semester, We Should Be Dead, The Tearaways, The Mayberrys, Hail Citizen, The Smith. Bros, Strangefinger, Flashing Red Lights @ Knitting Factory (Alterknit Lounge)

Future of the Left, Japandroids, Dead Ponies @ Spaceland

Wayward Sons, Something To Burn, Dixie Rex, Hypnogaja @ The Viper Room

The Dirty Lounge @ The Viper Room Downstairs (FREE)

Reel Big Fish, The English Beat, The Supervillains @ Club Nokia

New Kingdom, Leather Souls, Aeronautics, Brighton Line, Volapike @ El Rey

Mini Mansions @ Bootleg Theater

Deerhoof, Busdriver, Avocet @ Echoplex

Anavan, Dazzler @ The Echo

Rumor Has It @ The Glass House (Pomona)

DJ Oggy @ Mayan Theatre

Katie The Pest, Foot Foot, Big Death, Moses Campbell @ Pehrspace

Heartsrevolution, LA Riots @ Avalon

John Pizzarelli @ Catalina Jazz Club

Chief, Michael Runion, Mini Mansions @ Bootleg Theater

The Midnight Blues Band, King Cotton, The Fringes @ The Mint

Jenni Rivera @ Nokia Theatre L.A. Live

Sirah, The Burning of Rome, Change, Intuition and Verbs @ Knitting Factory (Front)

Kevin Elliot & The Broken, Inverse, Silent Treatment, After, Axia @ Knitting Factory

Don Rimini, Classixx, Acid Girls, Staccato, Destructo, Mad Decent Basement with Paul Devro @ Club 740

Boogaloo Assassins @ Saint Rocke

Jogger, Former Ghosts, Michael Nhat @ The Smell

Jerk Jam I, Pink Dollaz @ Key Club

Stellastarr*, Wild Light, Mason @ Troubadour

Guys and Dolls in Concert w/ Hollywood Bowl Orchestra @ Hollywood Bowl

Ali Handal, Eric Sampson, Craig Lyons, Devon Rowland @ Molly Malones

Damion Suomi, The Steelwells, Bombadil, Stampead @ The Hotel Café

Mr. Smolin @ Taix Lounge

Fighting Chance, Christopher Hawley @ Good Hurt Night Club

Nino Moschella, Chin Chin @ Dakota Live Music Lounge

Silent Treatment @ Knitting Factory

Joey Molland’s Badfinger, The Turtles (Hippiefest) @ Gibson Amphitheatre

The Perrin Crane Project @ Rusty’s Surf Ranch

The Incredibles (FILM) @ Pershing Square (FREE)

Suicide Cowboy, John Carpenter, Danielle DeAndrea, Kara Grainger, The Histones @ Genghis Cohen

Susan Marshall, Dead Rock West @ Redwood Bar & Grill



Saturday August 1st


Vamps, The Exies @ The Wiltern

Company of Thieves @ Spaceland

N.E.R.D. @ Avalon

Bootie L.A. @ Echoplex

Funky Sole @ Echo (FREE)

Dizzy Reed + Friends, The Luke Mulholland Band, etc. @ The Viper Room

Priscilla Ahn, Landon Pig @ Troubadour

Jenni Rivera @ Nokia Theatre L.A. Live

Vanprasta, Rye Douglas Band, Make Moon @ Bootleg Theater

Guys and Dolls in Concert w/ Hollywood Bowl Orchestra @ Hollywood Bowl

Mint Condition, Lalah Hathaway @ Club Nokia

Charlie Bereal, Britney Bereal, Moshav, Cry on Cue @ The Mint

Pato Banton @ Key Club

Mike Stocksdale, Marc Platt, Honkystomp, Darlings of the Day @ Molly Malones

Ferraby Lionheart, Terra Naomi, Michelle Featherstone, Jamie Meyer @ The Hotel Cafe

Nino Moschella @ Que Sera

Josh Nelson @ Café Metropol

Gene Loves Jezebel, Naked Eyes @ Pershing Square (FREE)

John Pizzarelli @ Catalina Jazz Club

Circe Link @ Genghis Cohen

Naked Rhythm @ Dakota Live Music Lounge

Harry Merry, Best Coast, Pearl Harbour, Native Fauna @ The Smell

IPO 2009 feat. Splitsville, Meg & Rebel Heart, The Waking Hours, The Parties, The Happy Endings, Rollywood @ Knitting Factory

Knights of Monte Carlo, 6 Man Afterparty @ Saint Rocke

Linney and Caiti Kenny, Fren Asken Band, Danny Peck, Circe Link @ Genghis Cohen

TV Ghost Record Release Party w/ Blackbird @ Redwood Bar & Grill




Sunday August 2nd


The Pack, Mateo, Devi, Sean Rex @ The Roxy

ALO @ Hermosa Beach Pier

Grant Langston, Lisa & Her Kin, Chris Miller Band @ Echo (5 pm)

Nervous Gender, Loto Ball Show @ Echo (10 pm)

High Voltage w/ Sound Archives, Daytime Rockets, Run Through The Desert, Red Circle Underground @ The Viper Room

Mer, Fokushima, Bobby Werner @ The Mint

Guys and Dolls in Concert w/ Hollywood Bowl Orchestra @ Hollywood Bowl

Mint Condition, Lalah Hathaway @ Club Nokia

Dave Jannsen’s School of Music @ Key Club

Johnny O’Donnell, L. Michelle @ Molly Malones

The Hereafter, Jason Soudah, Alicia Witt, Brian Whelen @ The Hotel Café

Nino Moschella @ Que Sera

John Pizzarelli @ Catalina Jazz Club

Louden Swain, Maryz Eyez @ Fais Do Do

Celia Chavez @ The Trip

Judas Priest, Whitesnake, Pop Evil @ Gibson Amphitheatre

Pat Green, Wade Bown @ HOB – Sunset

House of Heroes, Ruth, Sleep for Sleepers, Workday Release @ Knitting Factory

Band of Heathens, Alex Woodard @ Saint Rocke

Brunch Americana w/ The Doug Moreland Show @ Redwood Bar & Grill

Undercover @ Pershing Square





8/03 – Gomez, Blind Pilot @ The Wiltern

8/03 – Local Natives, Union Line @ Spaceland (FREE)

8/04 – Bowerbirds, Megafaun @ Echo

8/04 – The Ting Tings, Natalia Portman’s Shaved Head, Hot Tub @ Club Nokia

8/04 – Lykke Li @ The Wiltern

8/04 – War Tapes, Voicesvoices @ The Smell

8/05 – Dwele  @ Key Club

8/05 – Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Christian McBride @ Hollywood Bowl

8/07-08 – Herbie Hancock @ Hollywood Bowl

8/07- Lyle Lovett, Madeline Peyroux @ Greek Theatre

8/07 – Los Amigos Invisibles, West Indian Girl @ HOB – Sunset Strip

8/07 – Big Sam’s Funky Nation @ The Mint

8/07 – Black Eyed Peas @ OC Super Fair

8/07 – Busy P, Sebastian, Acid Girls, Destructo @ 740 Club

8/07 – The Zeros, Mike Watt & His Secondmen @ Redwood Bar & Grill

8/07 – Bilal @ Conga Room

8/08 – Rock The Bells feat. Ice Cube, Nas, Big Boi, Busta Rhymes, The Roots, Reflection Eternal, Common, K’Naan, RZA, GZA, Raekwon, The Knux, Eyedea & Abilities, Pete Rock, KRS-One, Supernatural, Murs, Chali 2na, Evidence & Alchemist, and others…@ San Manuel Amphitheatre

8/08 – Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, LMFAO, Sean Paul, Lil Jon, PItbull, Flo Rida @ Honda Center (Anaheim)

8/08 – The Dodos @ The Getty

8/08 – Particle, Jeremy Buck & The Bang @ Saint Rocke

8/08 – Rye Rye, A-Trak, Busy P, Chromeo, Crystal Castles, Sinden, Underworld, Sebastian @ The Forum

8/08 – Morris Day & The Time @ Greek Theatre

8/08 – Casiokids @ Spaceland

8/08 – Lions @ Roxy

8/09 – Toots and The Maytals @ Hollywood Bowl

8/09 – Links @ Cinespace

8/10 – Local Natives, Red Cortez @ Spaceland

8/10 – Barcelona, Meese, Seabird, Huntingfield @ Troubadour

8/12 – N.A.S.A @ El Rey

8/12 – Hell Ya! @ The Viper Room

8/12 – Dr. John, James Cotton, Buddy Guy @ Hollywood Bowl

8/13 – Eric Krasno & Chapter 2, Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk @ Key Club

8/13 – Drake, Soulja Boy, Young Jeezy, Lil’ Wayne @ Gibson Amphitheatre

8/13 – Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers @ briXton

8/14 – Immortal Technique, ChinoXL @ Knitting Factory

8/14 – The Henry Clay People, Fol Chen @ Echoplex

8/14 – Does It Offend You, Yeah? (DJ SET) @ Avalon

8/15 – Method Man, Redman, Ghostface @ HOB – Sunset Strip

8/15 – 2 Live Crew, Big Daddy Kane, Naughty By Nature, Slick Rick @ Nokia Theatre L.A. Live

8/16 – Nite Jewel @ Echo

8/16 – Clipse, The Cool Kids @ Glasshouse

8/16 – The French Semester @ Luxury Wafers

8/17 – The Flaming Lips, Ghostland Observatory @ Greek Theatre

8/17 – Clipse, The Cool Kids @ HOB - Sunset

8/18 – Elvis Costello and The Sugarcanes, Lucinda Williams @ Greek Theatre

8/19 – Atmosphere, Murs, Aesop Rock @ Hollywood Palladium

8/19 – Great Northern @ Pershing Square (FREE)

8/19 – Max Tundra @ Spaceland

8/20 – Carney @ The Roxy Theatre

8/20 – Jedi Mind Tricks @ El Rey Theatre

8/20 – Tracy Chapman @ The Wiltern

8/20 – E-40 @ Key Club

8/21 – Arrested Development @ briXton

8/21 – Tea Leaf Green @ Troubadour

8/21 – Steely Dan @ Gibson Amphitheatre

8/21 – Aerosmith, ZZ Top @ Staples Center

8/22 – Kings of Leon, The Whigs @ The Forum

8/22 – The Matches @ Troubadour

8/22 – Panda @ The Wiltern

8/22 – Steely Dan @ Gibson Amphitheatre

8/22 – War Tapes, Fool’s Gold, Delta Spirit, The Submarines, Nico Vega, Sly & Robbie @ Sunset Junction Fair

8/23 – Arrested Development, Orgone, Love Grenades, Local Natives, Built To Spill, Iliana Rose@ Sunset Junction Fair

8/23 – Dave Koz & Friends, Tower of Power, Brian Culbertson @ Hollywood Bowl

8/24 – Friendly Fires @ El Rey

8/24 - Steely Dan @ Gibson Amphitheatre

8/25 - Steely Dan @ Gibson Amphitheatre

8/25 – The Dead Weather @ The Wiltern

8/25 – Lee “Scratch” Perry @ Key Club

8/25 – Telefon Tel Aviv, The Race @ Spaceland

8/26 – Cake @ Henry Fonda

8/27 – Matt & Kim @ El Rey

8/27 – Crocodiles @ Spaceland

8/27 – The Muddy Reds @ Air Conditioned Lounge

8/27 – Franz Ferdinand @ Hollywood Palladium

8/27 – Conor Oberst @ Echiplex

8/28 – Hecuba @ The Smell

8/28 – The Bridge @ Café Boogaloo

8/28 – Junior Boys @ Avalon

8/28 – JJ Grey & MOFRO, The White Buffalo @ El Rey Theater

8/28 – Pete Yorn @ Henry Fonda Theatre

8/28 – The Warlocks, The Morning After Girls, Gliss @ Spaceland

8/28 – Ted Leo + The Pharmacists @ Echo

8/29 – The National, Cass McCombs @ The Wiltern

8/29 – Fat Joe @ Key Club

8/29 – George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic @ Club Nokia

8/30 – Mars Volta @ Hollywood Palladium

8/31 – Bat For Lashes @ Henry Fonda Theatre

9/01-9/02 – John Legend, India.Arie & Vaughn Anthony @ Greek Theare

9/01 – Mew @ Troubadour

9/02 – Hall & Oates @ Nokia Theater L.A. Live

9/02 – Nine Inch Nails, Mew @ Hollywood Palladium

9/03 – Thin Lizzy @ Club Nokia

9/03 – The Pretenders, Cat Power @ Greek Theatre

9/03 – Israel Vibration, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad @ Key Club

9/03 – Nine Inch Nails, Mew @ Henry Fonda Theater

9/04 – AC/DC @ Staples Center

9/05 – Bob Weir & Ratdog w/ special guest Jackie Greene @ Greek Theatre

9/05 – Sea Wolf @ Spaceland

9/05 – Avett Brothers @ Orpheum

9/05 – Nine Inch Nails @ Echoplex

9/05 – Nine Inch Nails @ The Wiltern

9/05 – Mos Def @ Hollywood Palladium

9/08 – AC/DC @ Honda Center

9/09-9/10 – Dave Matthews Band @ Greek Theatre

9/09 – Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey @ Catalina Jazz Club

9/10 – Camper Van Beethoven, Cracker @ El Rey

9/10 – James Taylor @ Hollywood Bowl

9/10 – Cass McCombs @ Bootleg

9/11-9/12 – Sunset Strip Music Festival

9/11 – Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal, Phantom Blues Band @ Greek Theatre

9/12 – Flogging Molly, Hepcat @ Greek Theatre

9/12 – Seu Jorge, Bebel Gilberto @ Hollywood Bowl

9/12 – King Britt @ Shrine Auditorium

9/12 – Calvin Harris @ Vanguard

9/13 – Peanut Butter Wolf @ Greek Theatre

9/13 – Vivian Girls, The Beets, Lucky Dragons @ The Smell

9/15 – Arctic Monkeys @ Hollywood Palladium

9/15 – Fanfarlo @ Troubadour

9/16 – Chairlift, Micachu @ Troubadour

9/16 – Phoenix, Metric, The Soft Pack @ Greek Theatre

9/16 – The Killers @ Hollywood Bowl

9/16 – Monotonix, Anavan @ The Smell

9/17 – The Drones @ Echoplex

9/17 – Soulive @ El Rey Theatre

9/17 – Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ Greek Theatre

9/18 – Pink w/ The Ting Tings @ Staples Center

9/18 – The Charlatans UK @ Henry Fonda Theatre

9/18 – Little Boots, Yes Giantess @ Roxy

9/20 – Placebo @ Club Nokia

9/22 – Miley Cyrus, Metro Station @ Staples center

9/22 – Citizen Cope @ HOB - Sunset

9/23 – Gov’t Mule w/ Carney @ Club Nokia

9/23 – Crosby, Stills & Nash @ Greek Theatre

9/23 – Britney Spears @ Staples Center

9/23 – Amazing Baby, The Entrance Band @ Troubadour

9/24 – Living Colour @ Key Club

9/24 – Better Than Ezra @ HOB - Sunset

9/25 – Bon Iver @ Wiltern

9/25 – Autolux @ El Rey Theatre

9/25 – Rodrigo y Gabriela @ Orpheum Theater

9/25 – The Temptations @ Gibson Amphitheatre

9/26 – Broken Lizard Live feat. Creators/stars of Super Troopers, Beerfest, Club Dread @ Troubadour

9/27 – Kid Koala @ Key Club

9/27 – Chickenfoot, Queensyrche, Davy Knowles @ Gibson Amphitheatre

9/29 – Sonic Youth @ The Wiltern

9/30 – DataRock @ El Rey

9/30-10/1 – Pearl Jam, Ben Harper & Relentless 7 @ Gibson Amphitheatre

10/01 – The Horros @ El Rey Theater

10/02 – Robert Earl Keen @ Troubadour

10/03 – Elvis Perkins @ Troubadour

10/03 – The Pharcyde @ Key Club

10/4 – Kylie Minogue @ Hollywood Bowl

10/04 – Miike Snow, Jack Penate @ The Echo

10/05 – School of Seven Bells, Magic Wands @ Troubadour

10/06 – Dr. Dog @ Henry Fonda Theatre

10/06-07 – Pearl Jam, Ben Harper & Relentless 7 @ Gibson Amphitheatre

10/07 – Miike Snow, Jack Penate @ Spaceland

10/09 – Groundation @ Key Club

10/09 – Motorhead @ Club Nokia

10/09 – Dark Star Orchestra @ Henry Fonda Theatre

10/10 – Mute Math @ Club Nokia

10/10 – Jason Mraz, G Love & Special Sauce, Brett Dennen @ Hollywood Bowl

10/11 – Zoe, Babasonicos @ Club Nokia

10/14 – Passion Pit @ Henry Fonda Theatre

10/14 – Moby @ The Wiltern

10/14 – Buju Banton, New Kidz and The Shiloh Band @ Club Nokia

10/15 – The Streets, Thenewno2 @ Club Nokia

10/15 – Yo Lat Tengo @ Avalon

10/16 – Jamie Foxx @ Nokia Theatre L.A. Live

10/20 – Snow Patrol, Plain White T’s @ The Wiltern

10/20 – Grizzly Bear @ Hollywood Palladium

10/23 – Jeremy Jay, Christmas Island, Sea Lions @ The Smell

10/23-24 Tiger Army @ The Wiltern

10/25 – U2, Black Eyed Peas @ The Rose Bowl

10/30 – 11/01 – Phish @ Indio Polo Fields (Where Coachella Is)

10/31 – Steve Aoki, Major Lazer, Diplo, Switch @ The Forum

11/04 – Venetian Snares @ Key Club

11/05 – Dinosaur Jr. @ HOB-Sunset

11/07 – Hanson, Hellogoodbye, Stell Train, Sherwood @ Club Nokia

11/12 – Orgone @ Zanzibar

11/13 – Keller Williams @ El Rey

11/14 – The Cat Empire @ The Troubadour

11/28 – The Black Crowes @ Club Nokia


Jay-Z Leak...

Jay-Z is just popping up all over the place over the past few days.  He made his festival debut by subbing in for the unfortunately ill Beastie Boys at All Points West Festival.  Then, to continue dominating music headlines, Pitchfork published that there was a leak of a track, "Run This Town" feat. Rihanna and Kanye West  from his forthcoming Blueprint 3 LP.  And, to top it all off, below is a rumored track-listing from that LP, including guest appearances by Eminem, Mr. Hudson, Drake, Andre 3000, Scarface, Nas, Diddy and Beyonce!!!

1. Birth of a Nation (Intro)
2. Run this Town ft. Rihanna & Kanye West
3. Jockin’ Jay-Z
4. Everyday a Star is Born
5. Forever Young
6. Brooklyn We Go Hard
7.Empire State of Mind ft. Eminem
8. D.O.A.
9. Swagga like Us Part 2 ft. Andre 3000, Nas & Scarface
11. Maybe ft. P. Diddy
12.Most Kings ft. Beyonce
13. Blueprint ft. Mr. Hudson
14. Lucy ft. Chris Martin
15. Off That ft. Drake
16. I Am Legend (Outro)

Monday, July 20, 2009

CONCERT BLAST 07/20-07/26

Tonight – I’d suggest you drop by Spaceland to check out Andy Clockwise.  I haven’t seen them in concert, so I can’t vouch for the performance, but the rhythmic melodies on songs like Man And The Monkey and My Generation are cool to listen to.  They also sound like they have great versatility – check out Everybody’s In A Band – to see just how much range they have.  Hear all the songs at 

Considering I was not fortunate enough to get tickets to John Butler Trio at Troubadour before the show sold out, Tuesday my recommendation has to be Cinespace for DIM MAK Tuesdays and Mark The Cobrasnake’s Birthday event.  It should be a great dance party and I imagine there will be some surprise guest appearances (anyone remember the last birthday at Dim Mak Tuesdays when Bangalter showed up?!??!)

Wednesday I’ve got two recommendations – Voxhaul Broadcast and The French Semester at Pershing Square downtown in the early evening for some LA homegrown indie music.  On the Westside, the talented The Muddy Reds will be playing their blend of jam and rock at Dakota Live Music Lounge.

Thursday there is too much rock music to choose from – Wavves at The Smell,  Semi-Precious Weapons at The Viper Room, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at Hammer Museum, Rumpsringa and Haim at The Roxy.  Depending on what flavor of rock you like – that will dictate your choices.  FYI, Semi-Precious Weapons is playing several days in a row at The Viper Room and should not be missed if you can make it out.

Friday is hitting strong with an undoubtedly packed house at Troubadour for UK bad asses La Roux; fun old-school hip-hop stylings celebrating their 20+ year careers from De La Soul at The Key Club and on Conan; and the bananas dance party that is Girl Talk at the Fox Theater in Pomona (where, allegedly, you can get in for free with the right number of Squirt cans/bottles). 

Saturday will dose LA with some more good music – Glass Candy and Cut Chemist being my top picks.  Unfortunately, I will be out of town.

The week finishes up with my hometown (and high-school) homie, Kid Cudi at the House of Blues – Sunset performing his smash hit Day N Nite, hopefully with some of my other favorite material from him (“Embrace The Martian”, “That New New”; “50 Ways to Make A Record”; etc.) with Asher Roth also performing.  



Monday July 20th


Spin The Bottle (Presented By Mark The Cobrasnake) @ The Roxy

Murder FM, Ledaswan, Juke Kartel, Talking Dawn, Cassie Steele @ The Viper Room

The Dead Weather & 500 Days of Summer Listening Party (Free Admission) @ The Viper Room (Downstairs)

Japanese Motors, Sweaters, Grand Elegance, The Growlers @ The Echo (Echoplex)

Andy Clockwise, Little Red Radio, The ’87 Stick Up Kids, Pterodactyl @ Spaceland

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Girls, Champagne Socialists @ Echo

Il Divo @ Gibson Amphitheatre

Jim Rose Circus vs. Jake-the snake – Roberts, Sinn Bodhi, The Order of the Fly @ Troubadour

Natalie Warner, Lucy Walsh, Brandi Shearer, Craig Marshall @ The Hotel Cafe

60 Watt Kid @ Pehrspace

Eyes St To Kill, Destruction of A Rose @ Cobalt Café

Kate Voegele @ Tonight Show w/ Conan O’Brien

Steel Panther @ Key Club

Samantha Tobey, The Mint Session @ The Mint

Last American Buffalo, Spirit Vine, Diamond Light, Steelwells @ Silverlake Lounge

Xx royalchord xx, psychic reality, twisted wires @ The Smell

Jessie Payo, Mitch Allan, Brandon Rogers, David Hodges, Wildcat @ Molly Malones



Tuesday July 21st


Dances With White Girls, Sharooz, Them Jeans, Dan Oh (Mark The Cobrasnake Birthday Party) @ Cinespace

Jay Branna, Terra Naomi, Civalias @ The Roxy

Clutch, Baroness, Lionize @ HOB – Sunset

Micachu & The Shapes, Tune Yards @ Echo/Echoplex

The Dawn Riders, The Rocketz, Johnny Hootrock, Southern California Rocket Dynamics @ The Viper Room

Mike Monosky, Gin & Frolic, Elenor Whitmore, Go Sunday @ The Viper Room (Downstairs)

John Butler Trio, Nicky bomba @ Troubadour (SOLD OUT)

Counting Crows, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Augustana @ Greek Theatre

Matt Vasquez (of Delta Spirit), The Parson Red Heads, The Romany Rye @ Spaceland

Chris Pierce, Susan Marshall, Miranda Lee Richardss @ The Hotel Cafe

Ryan Hill, Whisper in the Roar, Jake Coco @ Molly Malones

Matthe Sweet @ The Grammy Museum

Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Heis Legend, Before Their Eyes, Eyes Set To Kill @ Key Club

Los Angeles Philharmonic @ Hollywood Bowl

Sharif @ Genghis Cohen

Cubensis (Grateful Dead Tribute) @ Marlin Bar & Grill

International Farmers, Dub Seeds @ Café Boogaloo

The Black Hollies @ Echo Curio

Hollywood Music Min Media Awards Showcase w/ Beauty Supply, Shawn Hlookoff @ The Mint

Armada @ Silverlake Lounge

Zodiac Death Valley, Black Apples, Les Blanks, The New Room @ Bordello

Brig House Band @ The Brig




Wednesday July 22nd


The Weakerthans, Jason Collett @ The Roxy


Noisettes, The Magic Wands, Barracks @ Spaceland

The Mighty Diamonds backed by Yellowhall Dub Squad and Scientist @ Echoplex

Lacuna Coil, Kill Hannah, Seventh Void, Dommin @ HOB – Sunset

The Muddy Reds, Nate LaPointe Band @ Dakota Live Music Lounge

Mat Kearney @ The Tonight Show w/ Conan O’Brien

A Static Lullaby, Asking Alexandria, Motionless In White, Tides of Man, Valora @ The Knitting Factory

Grove Bridge, Silhouettes in Haze @ Knitting Factory (Front)

Rick Brantley, Rachel Goodrich @ Knitting Factory (Alterknit)

Elbo, Jesca Hoop, Mellowdrone @ The Wiltern

No Doubt, Paramore @ Gibson Amphitheatre

David Garza, Raul Pacheco (Of Ozomatli), Megan Jacobs @ The Mint

Master, Pathlogoy, Rachel Goodrich, Motionless in White, A Static Lullaby, Dreaming Dead @ The Knitting Factory

Derek Evans, David Ryan Harris, Isaac Russell, C Vincent Plummer, Andrew Vladeck @ The Hotel Café

Fourplay, Boney James @ Hollywood Bowl

Anthony Snape @ Genghis Cohen

Retro Transit Authority @ Brennans Pub

Rich Sheldon @ O’Brien’s Irish Pub

Magnus Hitch @ Cat Club

Hans David Rearick @ Venice Bistro

August Burns Red, blessthefall, Enter Shakiri @ Key Club

Billy Boy On Poison, The 1921A, Vas Defrans, Din Caliber @ The Troubadour

Action 45 @ The Slide Bar

Isamu McGregor @ Catalina Jazz Club

Water & Bodies, Hotel St. George, Ceetahsaurus, Regrets & Brunettes @ Silverlake Lounge

Watts Ensemble, Brian Walsh Trio @ Bootleg Theatre

Emily O’Halloran, EZ Tiger @ Molly Malones

Sashamon, Fortunate Youth @ Saint Rocke



Thursday July 23rd


KROQ Locals Only Presents Robert Francis, Rumspringa, Haim @ The Roxy

Monte Negro, The Alternates, The Royal Bloodline @ HOB - Sunset

Semi Precious Weapons, Lady Sinatra, Purple Melon, DJ High Voltage @ The Viper Room

Russ Darby (From Flight of the Conchords) @ Henry Fonda THeatre

Pato Banton, The Pharcyde @ Key Club

Spirit Animal, Robotanists, Tigers Can Bite You @ Spaceland

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Concern, Former Ghosts, Square on Square @ Echo

Jesca Hoop, Audtin Hartley-Leonard, Cosio, Rachel Goodrich, Kat Ottosen @ The Hotel Cafe

Jason Aldean @ The Tonight Show w/ Conan O’Brien

Master, Goreaphobia, Dreaming Dead, Horrid, Sacrificial Slaughter, Crematorium, Burning At The Stake, With A Vengeance, Schizofrenic @ The Knitting Factory (Front)

Rocco Deluca and The Burden @ Pershing Square

Sunny Way, The Hard To Get, Becky Kessler, Threadspinner @ The Mint

Squirrel Nut Zippers @ Santa Monica Pier

Stephanie Schniederman @ Genghis Cohen

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros @ Hammer Museum

The Rescues, The Paper Raincoat, Amy Kuney, Kyler England @ The Troubadour

Eric Hutchinson, Anya Marina @ El Rey

Destroy The Runner @ Whisky A Go Go

Matt Brouwer, Press Play @ Angelus Temple

Tribal Seeds @ Beachfront 301

International Farmers @ The Shore

LA Philharmonic @ Hollywood Bowl

Ninja Academy, Judgement Day @ Bootleg Theater

The Shore, Bolero, Old California @ Bordello

Carla Werner, Phoenix & The Turtle, The Nocturnes @ Echo Curio

Wavves, Made In Mexisco, PROTECTTME, Showgirls @ The Smell

The Diviners, Your Very Own, Balthrop Alabama @ Molly Malones

Until June, Huntingfield, Pawnshop Kings @ Saint Rocke



Friday July 24th


Glitch Mob, Nosaj Thing, Daddy Kev @ The Roxy

LA ROUX, Io Echo @ Troubadour

Poison The Well, Bane, Madball, Terror, Trapped Under Ice @ HOB – Sunset

Semi Precious Weapons, Ultraviolet Sound, Prima Donna, The Shakers, DJ Jamie Scrap @ The Viper Room

De La Soul @ Key Club

De La Soul @ Tonight Show w/ Conan O’Brien

Amel Larrieux @ Conga Room

Pangea Collective @ Dakota Live Music Lounge

Girl Talk @ Fox Theater Pomona

Spirits in the Sky, The Seeds, Mike Randle @ Echoplex

The Black Watch @ Echo

The Golden Filter @ Avalon

Dave Schulz, The Smart Set, Drew Broadrick, Derek Schanche @ The Mint

The Bad Plus, Wendy Lewis @ Grand Performances

Michael Feinstein, Jewel, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra @ Hollywood Bowl

The Art of Song w/ The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra @ Hollywood Bowl

Damion Suomi, Zack Hexum, Kari Kimmel, Michelle Shaprow, Aya Larkin @ The Hotel Café

Molly Vamp, Terminal 6, The Chemic Theory, 4Shadow @ The Knitting Factory

International Pop Overthrow: Brian Dox & The 33rd Degree, Adam Bones, Megasapien, Sol Giant, Nex Maximum Donkey, Throwback Suburbia, Royal Gents, Blackout 101 @ The Knitting Factory

The Sweet Dominiques @ The Good Hurt

Candye Kane @ Cozy’s Bar & Grill

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats @ Harvelles

Matthew David @ Echo Curio

DJ Oggy @ Mayan Theatre

Vaudeville, Jack Wilson Jr., Seasons @ Pehrspace

Joy Ann, All The Grown Ups, Suicide Cowboy @ Molly Malones

The Ofersures, Sand Section, Peter Goetz @ Saint Rocke



Saturday July 25th

Thrash & Burn, Devil Driver, Emmure, Despise, Icon, My Children My Bride, Veil of Maya @ HOB – Sunset

Gilby Clarke, Semi Precious Weapons, StarSkream, Astrilia Celeste, Out of Grey @ The Viper Room

Glass Candy @ 613 Imperial

Cut Chemist, We Are The World @ Getty Center

The Handsome Faily, Daniel Knox @ Spaceland

Funky Sole @ Echo

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks @ Echoplex

Bang Tango @ Knitting Factory

Trapst, Since October, Divide the Day, Inept @ Troubadour

William Fitzsimmons, AM, Chris Townsend, Jane Lui, Pierre De Reeder & The Everyday Visuals @ The Hotel Café

Girlie Girl, Catfight Show @ El Rey

Pinkaprom II Presented by Pink-A-Boo w/ Rent To Own, Pangea Collective, Pete Hopkins, etc. @ The Mint

Seasons, Eliza Rickman, Marvelous Toy @ Echo Curio

Mad Caddies @ Saint Rocke

Bullets and Octane, Death By Stereo, MxPx @ Shore Ultra Lounge

Blackstone Heist @ Autry National Center (Griffith Park)

Iration @ Beachfront 301

New Tomorrow @ Blue Café Huntington Beach

The Mighty Regis @ Gallagher’s Pub & Grill

Novalima, Curumin @ Grand Performances

Rocco Deluca and The Burden, Beau Black, Sara Haze, Chris Pierce, Ingram Hill, Leila Broussard @ John Anson Ford Amphitheatre

Dj Oggy @ Blue Moon

Paul Chesne @ O’Brien’s Irish Pub

Loomis and The Lust @ Rusty’s Surf Ranch

The Muddy Reds @ King Neptunes

Bernie Larsen, Jessica Santaferraro, Melissa Rapp, Elle Carpenter @ Molly Malones



Sunday July 26th


Chin Chin (Full Band) @ The Roxy

KID CUDI, Asher Roth @ HOB – Sunset

DJ Quik @ Key Clu

Aedose, Killkoy, The Broken Remotes, Star Parts @ The Viper Room

The Metal Shakespeare Company @ Spaceland

David Serby, Jaimi Shuey, The Lincoln Bedroom @ Echo (5 pm)

Part Time Punks – Smith/Morrissey Nite @ Echo

LA SKA WARS @ Knitting Factory

Songwriters Sunday @ The Hotel Café

Grace Jones, Of Montreal, Dengue Fever @ Hollywood Bowl

James & DI Maria @ The Mint

Pam Shaffer, The Blank Tapes, Le Switch @ Echo Curio

George Thorogood & The Destroyers @ Greek Theatre

The Wiggles @ Gibson Amphitheatre

The Handsome Family, The Mekons, Daniel Knox @ McCabe’s Guitar Shop

Pato Banton and the Now Generation @ briXton

KSM, Hoobastank @ The Block at Orange

Press Play @ Angelus Temple

Tomorrows Bad Seeds @ Beachfront 301

Rebelution @ Hermosa Beach Pier

Barbara King, Traildriver @ Molly Malones