Thursday, June 28, 2012

Step Into The Black Music Series

Thursday June 28th is kind of a wild night in LA for free music and complimentary booze - on top of the VICE/AIR event with Sebastien Tellier (we posted on it yesterday), the STEP INTO THE BLACK MUSIC SERIES, curated by the Fader team and sponsored by Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum, stops at new West Hollywood enclave Bootsy Bellows on their ten week, ten city tour.  The night will feature a special performance from The Afghan Whigs and a DJ set from Yung Skeeter - as well as a visit from the Inn N Out Truck!

In addition to the free music and booze, attendees may also be interested in acquiring a copy of the Step Into The Black limited edition vinyl.  Fear not - because we are giving a copy away - just email to get in on that action.  If vinyl isn't your thing (or you can't make it), anyone can download exclusive MP3s from the performances at Captain Morgan's Facebook page:

Check out Dam-Funk's performance at a previous Step Into The Black event below:

Krissy Krissy - "Dream"

Low budget video.  Surprisingly catchy hook.  Singing real truth.  #supergoodmusic

Express Yourself @diplo TwitPic Craze

Diplo's foray into New Orleans bounce music has pioneered not only new territory for him as a producer - but also in the virility of TwitPics and Instagrams of women worldwide putting booties and legs up for a chance at a split second of RT fame.  

Go to twitter and look for hashtag #expressyourself or just follow @diplo on twitter if you want to see some international ass.

Haven't enjoyed Diplo's latest sounds?  Its definitely a song of summer 2012.  Cop "Express Yourself" here.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hip Hop Dopeness At Echoplex (Tomorrow) and On Conan (Tonight)

As part of his promotional tour for the hugely acclaimed self produced "Cancer 4 Cure" album - El-P is making a stop at Echoplex on Thursday night for a special Check Yo Ponytail 2 performance that also includes MC's Killer Mike, Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire and Despot.

El-P - the MC, producer, co-owner of Def Jux, entrepreneur extraordinaire with plenty of skin in the game - really brought it with his latest release, which includes hard cuts like "The Full Retard" (see below).   You can sample the potential of his live show by tuning into Conan O'Brien tonight on TBS at 11 PM to see him perform "Works Every Time" with guest vocals from Zola Jesus.

SUPERGOOD strongly endorses just picking up tickets to the event because the line-up is pretty f'ing hot with Killer Mike, Exquire and Despot all hitting the stage as well.  Killer Mike's new record R.A.P. (also produced by El-P) features punishing, aggressive flows that are a departure from candy top 40 rap, Exquire was probably the second most buzzed about hip-hop artist at SXSW 2012 and Despot's show is nothing to shy away from either.  Get your tickets for the Echoplex show here - must be 18 or older.


Are you on a budget - but really need a fix of l Iive music and gratis booze?  Well - we've got the solution for you....

Tomorrow night (June 28th), 333Live hosts DJ Sebastien Tellier as part of The Air Launch Parties series.  VICE and Air are kicking their dance party series off in America's EDM epicenter, Los Angeles, to promote "water getting a lot more exciting."  While we're not really sure what that means (we hear its water with alcohol in it) - free booze (Air) and a rare appearance from French electronic artist Sebastien Tellier speak loud and clear.

In conjunction with the launch parties, Air invites audiences to submit a photo for a chance to win a free trip to the series finale in San Francisco. Submit via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by tagging your photo #AirParties, or visiting    You can RSVP by going here:

Other parties include Lemonade in Portland on July 13th, Nadastrom, Treasure Fingers and AC Slater at Breathe Lounge in Las Vegas on July 14th, Z-Trip and Sinden in Seattle on July 20th and Surkin and Sinden closing out the series in San Francisco at The Mezzanine on August 2nd. 

Check out Sebastien's video for "Russian Attractions" released earlier this week.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This Should Get Packed - Jhameel at On The Rox Tonight

I saw this concert listing and had to do a double take.  Jhameel played a SUPERGOODMUSIC event at The Viper Room in October, opened for Hoodie Allen at El Rey Theatre in March and now he is playing at On The Rox?!?!?!?  Seriously.  It's as if L.A. is just oblivious to Jhameel's amazing drunk performance sessions (see below) or the Roxy talent buyers are just on that 'ish tip before the rest of their Sunset Strip brethren - because this intimate show at such a tiny venue is almost too good to be true.

The set time of 8:15 isn't that awesome - but performances in small places by kick ass musicians generally are - which is why you should bite the bullet, brave the traffic and be on Sunset Strip tonight.

Check out some drunk performances, a nice T-Pain cover and some original videos below:

This Should Get Packed - Jhameel at On The Rox Tonight

I saw this concert listing and had to do a double take.  Jhameel played a SUPERGOODMUSIC event at The Viper Room in October, opened for Hoodie Allen at El Rey Theatre in March and now he is playing at On The Rox?!?!?!?  Seriously.  It's as if L.A. is just oblivious to Jhameel's amazing drunk performance sessions (see below) or the Roxy talent buyers are just on that 'ish tip before the rest of their Sunset Strip brethren - because this intimate show at such a tiny venue is almost too good to be true.

The set time of 8:15 isn't that awesome - but performances in small places by kick ass musicians generally are - which is why you should bite the bullet, brave the traffic and be on Sunset Strip tonight.

Check out some drunk performances, a nice T-Pain cover and some original videos below:

Fool's Gold Clubhouse - Volume I

The summer party just got a little hotter and louder with the release of Fool's Gold Records Clubhouse Volume I.  A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs curated a pre-packaged booty shaking party session on vinyl (or stream or mp3 or CD or whatever format you consume) in Clubhouse Volume I.

Clubhouse Volume I is the alleged beginning of a series of albums and performance events slated to introduce the ever growing EDM community to some of the labels new friends and upstarts.  Enjoy this Tuesday treat that features His Majesty Andre & Elisa Bee, XXXChange, Meech, Peo De Pitte, Jay Robinson, Sammy Bananas, Donovans and more!  If you're headed to Camp Bisco in July - make sure to peep the debut of their Clubhouse stage, and if not, just wait for it come around to L.A. at Hard Festival!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Luxury (Sound) Bites from Royal Teeth - New Dangerbird Act in LA This Week

Esteemed Bayou-based talent Royal Teeth started their summer celebrating the release of their debut studio record, Act Naturally, on LA based Dangerbird Records.  The candy indie electro pop is definitely edgier live - which is why you can't miss your chance to catch them here in Los Angeles as they parade through The Satellite and The Library at The Redbury.

The vocal duo of Gary Larsen and Nora Patterson shine on this genre melting project that certainly doesn't sounds a bit more LA than NOLA.  Lead single "Wild" is only a sampling of the flavors they have on their record, which includes a sexified version of The Knife's "Heartbeats" that they sunk their proverbial Teeth into.

You can enjoy their delicious poppy delights at The Satellite tonight as JJAMZ close out their free June residency.   Hopefully they include a cover of "Heartbeats" at the performance- because they certainly do it justice.

Body Work

"You do your body work/I feel my pulse working overtime..."

Easily memorizable lyrics.  Mathematic constant beat.  Sometimes simple is the way to go - as evidenced by this Morgan Page track "Body Work" featuring Canada's Tegan and Sara.   Enjoy the video and cop a download of it from here.

Download the Club Mix here. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Funday: The Do Over, Dub Frequency's Guess Event at Drai's and Miami Horror at Dim Mak Cannonball Sundays

Each year - I get uber excited to attend The Do Over - because it is hands down, the best music event in Los Angeles on most Sunday afternoons.   The tunes are always impressive - even though its often a mystery who will be performing - and the crowd 's always eclectic.

Today will be the first time I attend this season - because sadly, the SUPERGOODMUSIC train has not been able to make it yet in 2012.    BUT its a great day for boogying down in Hollyhood because on top of The Do Over, Treasure Fingers performs at Dub Frequency's Guess event at Drai's Hollywood from 12-6 too and then Miami Horror takes over for Dim Mak's Cannonball Sundays later that night.

You can RSVP for all the events - but arriving early is advised....which means, I got to stop typing and get in my ride.  DO OVER - here I come.

The Do Over happens every Sunday in Los Angeles in the summer from 2-10 PM at LURE (formerly Cabana Club) at 1439 Ivar Avenue.  RSVP at

Friday, June 22, 2012

Bonnaroo 2012: D'Angelo's First American Performance in 12 Years

Just in case you hadn't heard - or haven't seen - D'Angelo joined ?uestlove & Friends at their Bonnaroo 2012 Superjam - and paraded through Jimi Hendrix and other classics.  Catch a few videos below and remind yourself why you shouldn't miss the chance to take a trip to Manchester, TN in June 2013.  

Under the Radar, But Soooo Good - Eric McFadden

L.A. is not a town known that is necessarily known for its deep appreciation of jazz, funk, bluegrass, jam-rock music and all the eclectic blends in between.  That said - there are a few enclaves that do embrace those sounds and from time to time pull in some exceptional talents whose compositions span all of the above.  One of those venues, The Mint, recruited one of those artists, Eric McFadden, and an all-star support cast, including Wally Ingram and The Meters Leo Nocentelli, to melt some faces this Friday June 22, 2012.

You can get some free tickets to see the 6-string master by reaching out to or mentioning @supergoodmusic @mintLA and @EMACSF in a tweet.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Screaming Eagle of Soul: Charles Bradley at Bonnaroo

Charles Bradley, without question, is one of the most amazing performers I have ever seen.  His photo should be under the definition of SUPERGOODMUSIC.  Infectious honest soul layered with enough roughness and true grit around the edges earning him the nickname "The Screaming Eagle of Soul."    

Once you know his back story (he ran away from home, lived in subways, street cars and on the streets, was discovered as a James Brown impersonator under the moniker "Black Velvet") - and witness him perform - its hard to not fall in love....and I did, at Bonnaroo 2012.  Here are the pictures and videos to prove it, including a video interview with Billboard at the bottom.  

Photos: Orgone at Bonnaroo

Home grown LA funk collective ORGONE crushed the stage at Bonnaroo two weeks ago (in a good way).  Raging rhythms hard for those that took two days of work - Orgone delivered their quintessential vibrant So-Cal flavored grooves with a lot of energy, some wailing vocals and top notch percussion from Stewart Killen.

It was the perfect set to kick off Bonnaroo....hope they bring them back in 2013!

Thank You to You/Weapons of Audio on Friday

Sitting in New Orleans, parked on the side of the road on Fathers Day, listening to Anders Osborne acoustically jam inside an RV I just travelled cross country in provided a good opportunity for reflection....

SUPERGOODMUSIC was launched around three years ago and as its father - I've nurtured the baby from its infancy into toddler-hood, from successes and failures, from micro journalism to big discoveries like Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks."  Finding that next big thing fuels the drive, and so do the fans, so THANK YOU to all of you readers, contest participants and general music enthusiasts.  You're all part of the SUPERGOOD fam!

And also thank you to Jam In The Van - the cross country trip provided a solid reminder to why I do what I do, facilitated the discovery of new talent and continued to assist SUPERGOOD in uncovering some artists whom we think could be the next big thing.  Weapons of Audio - who play tomorrow night at a Surfrider Foundation event - were an act whose JITV performance raised SGM's eyebrows.  Check out their awesome Jam In The Van video for "Night Light" and then see them play tomorrow night at The Arbor Collective (102 Washington Boulevard, Venice, CA).   Proceeds benefit Surfrider Foundation and there will be complimentary beverages get your weekend started right with free drinks and tunes from Weapons of Audio, Capital Cities, Ry Cuming and more!

Psychotropic Summer Volume I

Tonight begins the first of potentially many psychedelic summer nights in Los Angeles as Thief Presents launches their A Psychotropic Summer - Volume I at Nomad Gallery in Frogtown.  

To commence the trippy fun - Dead Meadow, Dagha Bloom, Sleepy Sun and Highlands provide the soundtrack.  There will be booze flowing and apparently some art exhibits, live oil projections, vendors and more.

Tickets are $15, doses are not included.   Check out the Facebook event and get your tickets at the door (limited number available).  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Get Gaymous with Scissors Sisters

June is gay pride month and what better way to celebrate it than with the appropriately named Scissor Sisters at Hollywood Palladium on Saturday?  If you want to move, sweat and meet your new gay best-friend - look no further than Sunset and Centro on Saturday June 16, 2012.  

We're dishing out a pair of free tickets to their poppy-gaymous glam rock electroclash dance party - and we strongly recommend you hit us up at if you want to go. The formerly Fibrillating Scissor Sisters are celebrating the release of their album Magic Hour (released May 28, 2012) and will most surely be dropping "Only The Horses" "Shady Love" and "Lets Have a Kiki" for their first time in LA - plus classics like "Take Your Mama" and "Fire With Fire."

If you don't want to chance it - ensure you'll be inside for the party by getting tickets here via Live Nation. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rebirth Brass Band Rages The Mint Tonight!

Don't miss the chance to put the funk in your Thursday with famed New Orleans artists Rebirth Brass Band at The Mint tonight!  The Grammy award winning act will be blowing all sorts of horns in the toasty little jazz enclave - and we don't want you to miss it, which is why we are giving away a couple pairs of tickets to their jam session.

Just email contest@supergoodmusic or tweet out @supergoodmusic and @mintLA to enter!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Eat. See. Hear. In Pasadena Today (w/ Tic Tic Boom!)

Up and coming indie-synth rock sensation Tic Tic Boom! bring their talents to Pasadena today as part of the Eat. See.  Hear. series that launches this weekend and is taking place each Saturday night into September.    With food trucks on the front end and The Wedding Singer being aired on the back end - there is no reason not to enjoy Tic Tic Boom! as the "Hear." portion of your entertainment sandwich on June 2, 2012.

Although outside booze is not allowed - you can bring your own picnic to the party.  Blankets and lawn chairs are not provided.  Tickets to the E.S.H. get down are $10 and $20 here.  For $10 it is GA consumption, but the $20 passes allow you to arrive at your leisure and still be guaranteed a good spot for SEEing.  


Friday, June 1, 2012

Glen Campbell Celebration at The Hollywood Bowl/Dawes at Bonnaroo

As you may or may not know, Country music legend Glen Campbell (Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Country Music Hall of Fame) was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.   In honor of his legacy and brilliant music career, he will be performing at the Hollywood Bowl on June 24 for one final night of merry-making in Los Angeles with contemporaries and protégés alike.  Sharing the stage will be Jackson Browne, Kris Kristofferson, Jenny Lewis, Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Lucinda Williams and Dawes.

Glen Campbell’s Rhinestone Cowboy:

Dawes will open the first half of the show with some “special guests.”  I’m not sure how the guests could get much more special than the lineup already released, but chances are, the Hollywood Bowl audience is in for a real treat.

Dawes are incredible performers and musicians and are a wonderful choice to honor Mr. Campbell.  Their lyrics could be read as poetry and their harmonies melt souls.  I was honored to see brothers Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith perform as an acoustic duo at a BMI event at Sundance.

The music was even more beautiful stripped down.  Their set at Coachella was equally enjoyable as the full band passionately and energetically shared their songs.

A highlight of that set was when they covered The Band’s The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down in honor of Levon Helm’s passing.   Dawes have a very clear strong connection with country/folk-rock music of the 60s and 70s and will undoubtedly do justice to the rich career of Glen Campbell.

If you will be attending Bonnaroo, be sure to check Dawes out on Friday, June 8 at 7:30pm at The Other Tent and Saturday, June 9 at 1:30pm at the Sonic Stage.

Watch their video for When My Time Comes:

or my personal favorite:

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