Monday, May 31, 2010

Rebelution Ready To Rock The Festivals...

One of our favorite up and coming bands, and a California homegrown talent, Rebelution is kicking ass on the road this summer and will be getting dirty at two huge festivals coming up - Wakarusa and Bonnaroo respectively.

We've caught the fearsome foursome several times in various LA stomping grounds - from Saint Rocke to The Roxy to House of Blues to a house party - and each time they brought their smooth reggae dub sound to a higher level.

They are putting their fire into the late night party at Wakarusa, getting things going with a set this coming Friday night from 10:30 to Midnight in the Revival Tent. The reggae rockers will be competing with STS9 who are playing on the Main Stage, but they take the stage 15 minutes earlier after Supervillains and before Basnnectar.

The following weekend Rebelution brings their tour bus to Bonnaroo. Not sure precisely when they arrive and if they will be taking it in with the crowd, but Saturday is when they perform.
Festival goers can cure their first full day 'Roo hangover with Rebelution, who are playing from 11:30 am to 12:15 pm on Saturday morning at the Which Stage.

If you haven't heard these amazing youngsters who have more reggae soul than you'd expect from a quartet of white guys, you MUST check them out. Their website is and their MYSPACE is Also do some digging around for their facebook page and their recently released remixes by Amplive, Zion I and a few others (they had been circulated for free by the band)

Be sure to call out for some of their choice songs - I'm a big fan "Courage to Grow" from the album titled by the same is a gem; "Safe & Sound" is often a closer of theirs and one of my favorites too and "Other Side" is also a good song from that album. From 2009's Brighter Side of Life, I'm hoping for "Outta Control."

Friday, May 28, 2010

Mobile Memorial BBQ

While you probably have a slew of BBQs to attend this weekend already, seeing that you're probably closing up shop at work right about now, we thought we'd hit you with some info on the grip of food trucks that will be chugging to the Sunset Strip tomorrow night.

Starting around 8 pm, all your favorite venues and parking lots on the Sunset Strip corridor will be hosting some of the best in local mobile cuisine.

Outside The Roxy will be the Munchie Machine and Lee's Philly, and from there you can head East. On the opposite side of the street you'll find Gourmet Genie, Greasy Weiner and the Vizzi Truck pretty close to Hustler and a few steps away outside of The Viper Room will be the Grilled Cheese Truck.

Cross back over to the odd side (North) as before you make your way past Red Rocks so you can hit up Flying Pig and Don Chow Tacos, before heading to the Comedy Store for laughter and India Jones or the World Fare Bus.

Follow all their twitters - from the venues to the food trucks - because we bet they'll be announcing deals and tasty opportunities all evening long....@worldfare @indiajoneset @thecomedystore @thesunsetstrip @grlldcheesetruk @theviperroom @flyingpigtruck @donchowtacos @liveonsunset @theroxy @munchiemachine1 @leesphilly @gourmetgenie2go @thegreasytruck @vizzitruck

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Orgone Plays Roxy Before Trip to the 'Roo

As part of our continuing previews of artists playing Bonnaroo, we're hear to tell you about some talent coming right out of our home base of Los Angeles! The cosmic funk spectacular that is Orgone is the band we are talking about and they descend upon The Roxy tonight, where they open for Groundation.

Although I will stay for the entire show, I'm going to see the home town funk masters led by the beautiful, sunny and sweet vocals of Fanny Franklin (pictured below). Each time they play they bring it - and they always manage to run through your favorite originals - like "Funky Nassau" and some exceptional covers - like Sly and The Family Stone. The solos and improvisations are different every time and each band member, from the horns to the percussionist, holds it down. You can check out their feel good, throw back funk music on their MySpace page, but you'd do yourself justice by swinging down to The Roxy to check them out.

Orgone takes stage at 9 pm tonight. It is their first LA performance since performing at New Orleans' Jazzfest and will be their last one for a hot minute as they are about to embark on a big roadtrip that will include stops at Bonnaroo in a few weeks (I plan on catching them there too!). So come support the funk scene and get down and dirty at The Roxy with me tonight!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bonnaroo Preview - The Headliners

So, we just got approved for a press pass and are scrambling to figure out exactly how we are going to get to Bonnaroo because we just cannot miss it. We had our doubts about getting the press pass love and had basically resigned ourselves to missing it because it is such a trek from LA, but we've got renewed enthusiasm with our free admission and, having just reviewed the line-up, we'd be absolutely foolish not to take advantage of it.

The headliners alone are worth the cross country trip - from Kings of Leon to Jay-Z to Dave Matthews Band to Conan O'Brien to even Thursday nighttime tent performers (kind of hard to determine which tent or what time is the headliner that night, if there is one?).

Friday might be the creme de creme headliner with Kings of Leon prepping for a 2 hour set. Not necessarily the creme de creme headliner because of their talent or experience (they go up against Jay-Z and Dave Matthews Band - whom both have many more years of performances under their belt), but because the prospect of new material from a chart topping band that is essentially playing in their backyard is the perfect storm of factors to make for an epic performance. I don't think I'm going out on a limb by guaranteeing magic on Friday night from these Tennessee brothers.

Word on the street is that they will be debuting new material from their forthcoming album and you might expect a guest appearance or two? I mean, it is Bonnaroo.

Stevie Wonder and Jay-Z are the headliners Saturday. What do you think the possibility of the blind legend singing with the self proclaimed king of hip-hop is? I'd put it at more than 50%. The hour long break from Wonder to Jay-Z just seems like a vacuum to large to not be filled with some sort of collaboration at the end of Wonder's set. Or maybe not? Every break between bands on the main stage at Bonnaroo is one hour. Are we more likely to get another "surprise" Beyonce appearance like she did at Coachella ? Who knows? No matter what, you kind of have to expect big things from the HOVA having just seen his Saturday Night Live performance (that medley was the longest SNL musical performance I've ever seen AND it was dope).

Jay-Z will hopefully have a backing band (please be the Dap-Kings or The Roots) and you can expect his new material, classic material and hopefully, for my sake, a handful of gems from Reasonable Doubt. He has two hours to fill and he filled his space quite well at Coachella so I basically expect a repeat, if not superior performance. He has some new and recently hot material coming off The Blueprint 3, a plethora of songs for which the crowd will know at least the hook; he could basically play anything and it is not going to be a poor set. Drawing from his illustrious 10 albums - you can only pray that he plays your favorite song.

Having never seen Stevie Wonder, I'm excited. A huge fan of Musiquarium for years - who doesn't love the classic material? Festivalgoers, jambanders and funk fans will certainly be urging for a rendition of "Boogie On Reggae Woman", which, if my memory serves me correctly, was performed by Phish last year at the 'Roo. "Superstitious" will be another crowd rouser. I'm definitely curious to see what talent joins Wonder on stage and if the energy from the elder performer is maintained or falls below expectations like Bruce's performance last year. While I love the selection of older artists with classic material everyone leaves, festivals, especially ones with shows that go late into the night like the 'Roo, need a certain energy to be maintained....especially when the sun is coming down. I've got the confidence that Wonder will deliver something spectacular.

Dave Matthews Band is the final night headliner. The closer. Fitting for a band that has been touring for 20 years and just announced that they will be taking 2011 off. Haven't seen them in years, but DMB always delivers. Even with the passing of their saxophonist a few years back, the addition of Jeff Coffin (Bela Fleck & The Flecktones) as the new sax player brought some renewed fervor and I've heard the live show is incredible (check @supergoodrca's review of their performance from 2009 in LA).

As usual Bonnaroo delivered on the headliners - we'll bring you more in depth information on some of the supporting acts in the days leading up to the festival. Stay tuned to for updates....

I Need A Dollar

Depending on the circumstances, this appropriately titled blog post has been true to you at some point or another. No matter who you are - rich, poor, male, female, black, white, employed or unemployed - I imagine you've found yourself in a situation where you needed a dollar. While those circumstances may not have rivaled the poetic picture that Aloe Blacc paints in his destined to be classic Stones Throw cut "I Need A Dollar", it is a theme that all Americans, and all people, can understand at its core.

The video doesn't necessarily do the song justice - the lyrics are rich and potent and its remix potential, from a lyrical and sample stand point, not even fully realized yet (keep your eye out for the 12th Planet remix that should be coming soon).

Just check this portion of the song -

What in the world am I gonna to do tomorrow
is there someone whose dollar that I can borrow
Who can help me take away my sorrow
Maybe its inside the bottle
Maybe its inside the bottle
I had some good old buddy his names is whiskey and wine
hey hey
And for my good old buddy i spent my last dime
hey hey
My wine is good to me it helps me pass the time
and my good old buddy whiskey keeps me warmer than the sunshine

Those lyrics make me feel like Aloe is speaking to homeless people, but this song is truly an anthem for the downtrodden, even if you are at the top when you take your fall. When you're feeling helpless, you turn for help at any angle, and sometimes you don't make the wisest choice (the bottle), but it is all because you are looking to relieve your sorrows and you might go to extraordinary, but unjustifiable lengths to get away from that sorrow and justify your actions simply because they helped you through your tough patch, even if that behavior is not truly justifiable (check out the whiskey/wine/buddy analogy).

Maybe I am reading into deep - but, I f'ing love this song, so please forgive me. Besides when you know you are going to hear a song all summer long - you may as well start getting introspective on the lyrics, right?

Let us know your thoughts on the song on our facebook page or make a comment here. While you are at it - check out these fine fine links to remixes and reworks of Aloe Blacc's "I NEED A DOLLAR"

"Rasta Monsta" - Marky -

Saturday, May 22, 2010

From Reflection to Hyper - Hitting The Sunset Strip for Live Music

Had the privilege and pleasure of hitting up the Sunset Strip a handful of times this week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights, but I finally remembered to bring my camera to Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek at House of Blues on Wednesday and Hyper Crush last night at The Roxy. Both acts come with a hip-hop edge, but wildly different spectrums. Kweli & Hi-Tek representing Reflection Eternal and their lyrically rich and classic sound whereas Hyper Crush is a flavor of the new electro-fueled party anthem hip-hop variety in the vain of other artists like LMFAO.

Kweli ripped it from the minute he got on stage - opening with an original Reflection Eternal banger "Move Something." The lyrics were on fire and Hi Tek backed him up perfectly all night - especially in the series of opening cuts from their original record. Concentrating on old material as they got going, they satisfied the crowd's hunger to hear their original (and arguably ground breaking) works. I was definitely satisfied, although still wish I'd gotten to hear "Africa Dream."

Hyper Crush came out on fire. Immediately after premiering their video to a wild, young, intoxicated and neon dressed crowd, the curtains lifted and they smacked the crowd in the face with their electro-dance hip-hop fusion. The crowd was shook, screamed, raised their hands on command, crowd surfed and clamored for more. Hypercrush did a great job of controlling The Roxy crowd energy and made sure they delivered on fans expectations, by hosting Far East Movement on stage for a track and on playing fan favorites, like "Robo Tech" (whose video we have just below) and their live remix of La Roux's "Bulletproof."

All in all, despite missing the opening acts, I had a great time. Like the aforementioned LMFAO, Hypercrush destroyed a sold out show at The Roxy. LMFAO just opened for Black Eyed Peas at Staples Center - so who knows what is next for the interesting trio they call Hypercrush?

Pictures and post by Brandon "Boom D" Dorsky

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pictureless Observations from LA's Music Scene

So, I foolishly have hit the town the last few nights sans camera. While that means we don't have pictures to share from our escapades - there are still stories, highlights and bands worthy of mention since our last update.

Saturday night brought us to the second night of Flying Lotus for the epic introduction of Lotus with a band. With Lotus flying high off the release of Cosmogramma, the night was one to be remembered. Not only was there a Cosmogramma themed design-your-own-tee-shirt station in the back of the Echoplex, but there were Cosmogramma images being projected on walls both inside and out. The whole night had a very artistic avant-garde feel to it - which was only further emphasized by the improvisational saxophone playing of Ravi Coltrane.

Looking at the bill for Saturday night, I did not anticipate that we'd go from Gaslamp Killer to Coltrane's quintessential jazz in a matter of an hour, but it happened. Spanning the spectrum of multiple genres, the night became a melting pot of experimentation, collaboration and last, but not least, people. There were all sorts of heads out - from electro freaks, to hip-hop heads, to music critics, to seeming jazz aficionados. While the eastside is more often the locale for finding a mixed bag of people - this was one of the more diverse crowds I'd seen at a show recently. Although we tuckered out at the end of Flying Lotus' set, we were happy to have witnessed Flying Lotus' first full band performance. If you failed to make it - you can check out some free flying lotus downloads from right here - - including his remix of Kanye West's "Love Lock Down."

Sunday we took the night off from concerts, but we were back at it again on Monday with stops at the Libertine and 14 Below. The Libertine, hosted Hunnypot Unlimited's radio show with guest Foster The People, who unfortunately cancelled their performance due to a band member's personal issues. Nonetheless, "Hot Tub" John Anderson asked the questions and produced some nuggets of information about the recently signed and rising LA indie-electro-soul buzzband. From Libertine we made an obligatory stop at Pinches Tacos (best Carne Asada taco in town), before heading to the westside to meet up with A/J and Dak of Saint Motel for Glen & The Sunshine Gang at 14 Below.

Arriving at 14 Below, A/J, Dak and I bumped into @berkorules of @theviperroom before witnessing the crazed unitard party that is Glen & The Sunshine Gang. With half the band in skeleton themed unitards, it was a spectacle to be seen. That picture was only made more graphic when the pantsless keyboard and effects player removed his shirt and started dancing in his tighty whities in the middle of the crowd. I was particularly down with their juiced up version of "We Didn't Start The Fire", the classic song from Billy Joel's Storm Front album. Glen, their front man, who began the song by jumping off stage in his not so flattering to the crotchal region all red unitard, gave a performance that can only be described as rock star. What this band might lack in great songs they make up for in great (and energetic) live show. Although I can't say SUPERGOODMUSIC will be rocking out to Glen & The Sunshine Gang tracks on a regular basis - we do look forward to seeing the band again and intend on being a bit more intoxicated to enjoy the balls to the wall party that is GTSG.

Last night we ventured to The Roxy in hopes of catching both Ironheel and Bigelf. Ironheel includes band members (Jim) that hail from Boom D's hometown of Shaker Heights, but unfortunately, SUPERGOODMUSIC missed their performance. We did happen to catch Vas Defrans and Bigelf - both loud, but both worthy of The Roxy's stage. Bigelf not only had big sound, but big make-up, big hair and a big wardrobe. For reference the lead singer - whose name I do not know - was wearing a striped scarf and a jacket, with a mane down to at least his shoulders and more eye make-up than you've seen since Cats. (Okay, the Cats reference is an overstatement, but I'm just saying - homeboy rocks the make-up hard). We caught most of their big performance but left a little early to attempt a run at seeing Steve Aoki and Special Guest at Dimmak....which was thwarted by Frankie & Johnny's scrumptious pizza and a desire to watch LOST. (BTW - LOST finally answered some questions!)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Crash Kings Grace The Roxy

Uploading a video of their performance of "Saving Grace" last night at The Roxy right now, we just had to upload a few pictures, taken by Brandon "Boom D" Dorsky, of this amazing (and rising) trio too.

Their songs are performed with a passion, the wa-wa hohner is fun to watch, and the band is tightly knit. KROQ often knows what's up when it comes to the indie rock scene and last night at The Roxy was no exception.

Crash Kings are great - and their over hour long show solidified why we had them play our 10 Days of 2010 earlier this year, and why we went to see them at SXSW and why we will go see them the next time they are in town. Their shows are fun, sweaty, sexy and filled with rock n' roll flavor, both old and new as evidenced by their top notch Hendrix cover last night.

The trio know how to channel energy, keep a crowd focused and deliver the supergoodness.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SUPERGOODMUSIC Festival Preview: May Kicks Off The Season

Summer is fast approaching as music festivals galore are just around the corner, from L.A.’s very own UCLA’s Jazz Reggae Festival on Memorial Weekend, to the esteemed (and much larger) Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza Festivals, all the way through to the San Francisco’s mid-August Outside Lands Festival (whose line-up will be announced June 1st) and the young, but hip, Sunset Strip Music Festival at the end of August.

SUPERGOODMUSIC is already gearing up for the festive summer with planned stops at Wakarusa, Bonnaroo, and potentially Electric Daisy Carnival, Reggae on The River, Outside Lands, Sunset Strip Music Festival and more. That said, there are a few new or recently minted festivals that we don’t think you should let fall below your radar, so we wanted to give you a full rundown on festivals we think might be worthy of your attendance. Over the next week or so we will be giving you month by month breakdowns of where the hottest, most action packed festivals are. This installment brings you our take on the May events that really kickoff festival season.

As previously mentioned, May is when UCLA’s Jazz Reggae Festival takes place and this year they are really bringing the heat with a line-up that includes headliners Nas & Damian Marley, as well as Raphael Saadiq, Q-Tip, Bilal, The Foreign Exchange, Zion-I, Declaime, Nneka, Barrington Levy, The Lions and more. Tickets are not too expensive, just $26 for a single day and $45 for a two day pass, but if you are on the super strict budget, apply to be a volunteer by filling out the application at and sending it to .

Up the coast, but still in the same state at Angel’s Camp, CA is Furthur Festival taking place May 28th to May 30th headlined by the Grateful Dead reincarnation Furthur featuring Bob Weir and Phil Lesh, as well as the former lead from Dead cover band Darkstar Orchestra and Joe Russo on drums from the always amazing Benevento-Russo Duo. The band will be joined by Galactic, The Mother Hips, Carney, Jackie Greene, Electric Hot Tuna, Common Rotation with Dan Bern and more. Tickets can be purchased at and camping is included in the cost of the ticket.

Further north, all the way in Quincy, WA at The Gorge is Sasquatch Festival! The 3 Day Event with an uber eclectic line-up kicks off on Saturday with performances by My Morning Jacket, Vampire Weekend, Deadmau5, Ok Go, The Hold Steady, Miike Snow, The National, Brother Ali, Z-Trip, Fool’s Gold, Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Nada Surf, Dam-Funk, Dawes and more. Sunday is just as good if not better with my festy faves LCD Soundsystem, as well as Kid Cudi, Massive Attack, Pavement, The xx, Dirty Projectors, They Might Be Giants, YACHT, Simian Mobile Disco, Girls, Public Enemy, Tegan and Sara, A-Trak, tune-yArDs, Los Angeles’ own Local Natives and Avi Buffalo, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Fruit Bat and more. Monday is good too – although the least exciting day in my opinion – with performances by the still disappointing in concert MGMT and Passion Pit, but also the always enjoyable Band of Horses, Mayer Hawthorne & The County, Ween, Dr. Dog, The New Pornographers, She & Him, as well as newcomers like Neon Indian and Yes Giantess. Check out more at

Over in the Midwest, there is a festival for all hip hop lovers that my high school only wishes he could attend. The line-up includes Atmosphere, Method Man & Redman, Heiroglyphics featuring Del The Funky Homosapien, Murs, Freeway & Jake One, People Under The Stairs, Yelawolf, Casual and Pep Love, Eyedea & Abilities, Souls of Mischief, Busdriver, DJ Revolution, BK One, Wiz Khalifa, P.O.S. and many many more. Tickets can be copped at

Also on Memorial Day Weekend is Summer Camp, now in its 10th year. The line-up includes over 60 bands on 5 stages, with three days of performances from both Umphrey’s McGee and moe. Adding to the jamband vibe are other jam veterans – STS9, Gov’t Mule, Yonder Mountain String Band, Keller Williams, Victor Wooten, Dumpstaphunk, Railroad Earth, Cornmeal, ALO, The New Mastersounds, Zach Deputy, Hot Buttered Rum, Kyle Hollingsworth Band, Backyard Tire Fire, Dweezil Zappa Plays Zappa and other jambands you just haven’t heard of yet. On top of jambanders, there are reggae sensations Steel Pulse and Rebelution, and hard to define, but nonetheless stellar acts like G Love & Special Sauce and Slightly Stoopid. The festival is also cutting a bit more in the electronic generations direction, with performances by Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, EOTO, Future Rock, Boombox, The Hood Internet, That 1 Guy, Groovatron and more. Having attended this festival in the past, we can’t recommend it enough – the vibe and the people are fantastic and, since it is in Illinois in late May, you know it won’t be too hot. You can get tickets and learn more about the festival here –

However, those Memorial Weekend festivals are not the first festivals we think are worthy of your attendance.

This weekend, what really looks like the kickoff for festival season to us is the very first Hangout Beach, Music and Arts Festival in Alabama. Not only is the line-up absolutely stellar for a festival in its inaugural season, including performances by The Roots, Ben Harper & Relentless7, Trey Anastasio and TAB, John Legend, Zac Brown Band, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Funky Meters, Matisyahu, Girl Talk, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, OK Go, Orianthi, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, Gov’t Mule, Ray LaMontagne and more, the festival also set-up special late night performances where the proceeds go to designated non profit organizations. Friday the 14th, Alex B, Gift of Gab and Big Gigantic are performing and donating all profits to Mobile Baykeeper; Saturday Keller Williams Electronica performs a very special and cheap show (only $5, but tickets must be purchased in advance) where profits are being directed toward The Rex Foundation and Mobile Baykeeper.

The following weekend, on May 22nd and 23rd, in Dana Point, CA at Doheny State Beach – a host of musicians break it down over 2 days on 3 stages for a slightly older set – including Crosby, Stills & Nash, The Black Crowes, Taj Mahal & The Phantom Blues Band, Booker T. Jones, Eric Lindell, Jackie Greene, Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears, Big Sam’s Funky Nation and more to be announced soon. You can snag tickets to that event at

For our international readers, in late May (27th – 29th), Barcelona plays host to the amazing Primavera Sound Festival. Although no SUPERGOODMUSIC representatives have ever attended, the line-up to this international event is too good to ignore. It feels like everyone under the sun is playing from Wilco, Spoon, Florence and the Machine, Grizzly Bear, The Pixies, The xx, The New Pornographers, Yeasayer, Beach House, Pet Shop Boys and Pavement to Diplo, Major Lazer, The Bloody Beetroots, Delorean, Orbital Sleigh Bells, Matt & Kim, Boy 8-Bit, Big Pink, The Antlers, Les Savy Fav, Fuck Buttons and more. If SUPERGOODMUSIC was in the E.U., we would be sure not to miss this event.

June brings arguably the heaviest month to our festival calendar, so heavy, you’ll have to wait a few days for our June Festival recommendations….

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Electro Majic Invasion

(Keith Masters at El Cid - photograph by Matt Roznovak)

(Keith Masters & Futurecop! are ELECTRO MAJIC; photograph by Matt Roznovak)

So, Keith Masters and Futurecop! descended upon Los Angeles delivering their futuristic, dream-wave, synth based electro majic music to three hungry crowds before going back into orbit and heading to San Francisco.

I had the pleasure of kicking it with the rising MC and production team all weekend and took in all three of their shows (El Cid was probably my favorite). Futurecop!'s album release is slated for the summer and will feature a smattering of songs that include Keith Masters, but look for a full on Masters and Futurecop! ELECTRO MAJIC release sometime not too far after that. Their genre melting music can already be heard on the internet and seen on our youtube channel with songs like "88 Girls" and "Teenage Love."

Below is a sampling of pictures from La Cita and El Cid (we ran out of batteries at 14 Below).

(Manz of Futurecop! at El Cid - photograph by Matt Roznovak)

(Keith Masters at La Cita - photograph by Brandon "Boom D" Dorsky)

(Keith Masters & Futurecop! are ELECTRO MAJIC at El Cid - photograph by Brandon "Boom D" Dorsky)

(Kam & Futurecop! [Manz & Peter] at La Cita - photograph by Brandon 'Boom D' Dorsky)

(Keith Masters, Nicole and Manz of Futurecop! at El Cid - photograph by Matt Roznovak)

(Manz of Futurecop! - photograph by Matt Roznovak)

Check out more from these artists on their respective myspace pages and twitters.