Monday, November 30, 2009

Steel Panther at The Roxy Tonight

Check out the below article picked up from about Steel Panther's performance there later tonight. I'm not sure if this means that there will be no Steel Panther at Key Club tonight (most likely it does), but perhaps you should see if they are playing twice in a two block stretch. Otherwise, that would mean that Key Club has already shut its doors indefinitely....


Steel Panther is taking it old skool and returning to it’s roots, to play The Roxy for ONE NIGHT ONLY on Monday November 300, 2009!! Tickets available NOW thru the Roxy box office (310 278 9457) or Monday at the door. Tickets are $15 and doors open at 8pm. Join us as we wrap out November and rock out with one of the most entertaining acts on The Strip.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hip-Hoppers Stunting?

So, I may be two days late and a Buckshot short....but word is that MF Doom has been sending some alternate versions of himself to perform in his place.

Slava Kuperstein of reports that MF Doom did not in fact perform at Beat Club in Los Angeles, but was rather represented by someone else in a Doom mask. The facts they provide make some sense, and the CunninLynguists have already called the artist out on the practice, so the rumor may in fact be true. Is MF Doom the Banksy of hip-hop? Masking himself so you cannot determine his precise whereabouts or know if it is really him?

I'm undecided if I think MF Doom's stunts are extremely cool - thereby raising the cultural cache of actually getting to see Doom himself - or if they are attempts to take advantage of an audience that is eager to see him and capitalize on the value of his name without doing much work for it. The story that I found on MySpace is reposted below...

Los Angeles' Beat Club is the latest in a line of venues that claim MF DOOM sent an imposter to perform in his stead.

by Slava Kuperstein

It’s hard to see here but you can catch glimpses of him." Explained a concert viewer who posted a video of the perfomance (shown below). "It was obvious that he was an imposter since he never once laid his hand on a microphone and just played his new tracks on a laptop.

When asked for comment by, the rapper's label, Stones Throw - which does not handle his booking - said it was “obvious that he wasn’t going to show up at a venue that fits only 200 people when his performance fee requires venues about 10 times that size.” It should be noted that the label did not explicitly confirm nor deny that the perfomance was an imposter's.

Friday, November 20, 2009

From Ebonics to Lyrical Genius - CunninLynguists Drop Their Vernacular at The Viper Room

Tonight, the hip-hop team known as CunninLynguists will be descending upon The Viper Room for a night of below the radar hip-hop at its finest. If you have not yet seen these hip-hop maestros, now is your chance. Having just released a new LP, "Strange Journey - Volume Two", on November 3rd, they are hitting Los Angeles in support. The new album features a host of guest appearances, including some rappers, such as Evidence of Dilated Peoples, who call LA home. Thus, the likelihood of a guest appearance or surprise performance is elevated...especially when the group is playing at a historic venue.

For the uninitiated, the hip hop trio from Kentucky first stepped onto the hip-hop scene in 2001 with their debut "Will Rap For Food." After working the rap grind for a few years (and putting out another album) they finally achieved larger success with their third album, "A Piece of Strange", which was released in 2006 and is probably my favorite work of theirs to date. With another LP in the bag in 2007 - and tours around the world where they performed on the same stages as Kanye West, Pharrell, The Strokes, Cee-Lo (Goodie Mobb, Gnarls Barkley) and members of the Wu Tang Clan - this hip-hop group has put in the time and effort to perfect their craft.

Catch them tonight at The Viper Room before its too late.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Two Nights with LA Artist Samuel Stewart

One of the great things about living in Los Angeles is that we have the privilege of seeing before they make it big. Well take note now because Samuel Stewart is one of those artists. After catching his intoxicating performance at the Hollywood Brewfest, SUPERGOODMUSIC has been informed of two ways you can see this talented artist live. The first is a show at The Bootleg Theater on Thursday November 19th (Doors @ 9PM). The second is what is sure to be a special set at one of my favorite places in LA, Origami Vinyl in Echo Park on Friday November 20th at 7:30 p.m. To attend the show at Origami Vinyl just rsvp via email to

The Stone Foxes play 3 nights in LA - Starting With The Viper Room

Kicking off a 3 night run through Los Angeles at The Viper Room tonight is the emerging bluesy-rock sensation from San Francisco, The Stone Foxes. With a sound that is rock, blues, indie and folk all rolled into one eccentric and intoxicating blend, and a few placements on the absolutely fucking awesome FX show, Sons of Anarchy (watch it, for real), this quartet of bad asses are drawing comparisons to everyone from The Black Keys to The Rolling Stones.

Although they will be heard on airwaves and download streams for years to come, and sure to be back in L.A. again, they're unlikely to give us the pleasure of playing in three intimate venues in three nights. Thursday they hit the historic The Viper Room on Sunset Blvd, Friday they are in the South Bay at Saint Rocke and they close out their three night stint at the 70+ year old The Mint on Pico. No matter where you're at - you won't have to brave much traffic to catch these future superstars if you plan accordingly.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend in Los Angeles

Brewfest went down (see Friday's post) at Henry Fonda on Saturday. The SUPERGOOD caravan arrived around 5 pm and was surprised to find a rather sparsely packed venue. You might think that unlimited access to beer for 8 hours would draw the crowds early...but maybe LA is just not a beer drinker's stomping grounds. OR, maybe, the fact that it wasn't being done outside (similar events in the Spring drew many many more patrons) had something to do with it?

There were some important LA music community faces in the crowd, including Kevin Branson, Lindsey Cook and her MySpace Records crew and the family from Spaceland too. Got to bump into Russ Rubin of Fresh Management, and manager of the amazing indie-sensation Saint Motel.

While I was admittedly more focused on the amazing beer from Bootlegger's Brewery and Coronado, I did enjoy the set by Samuel Stewart in the Blue Palms Lounge. Thank you for the tip off Kelsea! With the endless stream of booze flowing my direction, I had to head out to save myself...ending up on the Westside in Venice for a night of continued drinking sans live music. And, thankfully, no stalled vehicles, unlike Friday....

Friday night's caravan ended in an empty gas tank and less than fulfilled brains because Semi Precious Weapons and Saul Williams were both underwhelming (sorry The Viper Room and The Roxy, no disrespect to you at all...they just didn't deliver). I had high expectations for the SPW show but whomever the androgynous woman DJing in fishnet stockings was - she was way too uninspiring and predictably attempting to look cool that me and the rest of the SUPERGOOD crew with me just couldn't handle it. The flamboyant man in a grey tanktop and no pants also didn't make the spectacle any better.

SO, we bounced to The Roxy - hoping to improve our luck with a unique night of hip-hop. But, the Afro Punk Tour and Niggy Tardust performance was a bit too avant-garde and not enough of the "Twice In A Lifetime" Saul Williams that I was yearning for. With his feathery cape-like get up, he was certainly a spectacle to watch but audibly, not what I was desiring. Rather than the griping lyricism that he so easily possesses and displays, there was more screaming and emo than I had expected. Although there were plenty of heads pumping their fist and digging his flavor, myself and the mini SUPERGOOD entourage were not AND we were in the majority.

That said, the venues were not to blame for the sub-par Friday night shows. And despite their being faultless for the less than thrilling performances echoing from their stage on Friday, The Roxy and The Viper Room are hitting us hard this week with incredible music.... Start your week off right at The Roxy as they just announced that Them Crooked Vultures, Dave Grohl's new supergroup, will be performing a special show there on Monday November 16th. DON'T MISS OUT. You can start lining up at 2 pm....

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hollywood Brewfest Tomorrow - Its Like Oktoberfest One Month Later...

Maybe you haven't heard, but something Magic is brewing...and its not because it is Friday the 13th. With over 35 breweries, including Magic Hat, Firestone, and Blue Palms Brew House - your taste buds, my taste buds and the taste buds of LA's finest beer drinkers are sure to be satisfied. Doors open at 3 pm and close at 11 pm and admission includes UNLIMITED BEER TASTING. $45 regular and $60 for an upgrade - this is a no brainer folks. You're talking drinking beer for 7-8 hours, when beers at most LA venues cost $6 or more a pop.

To top it off, they've arranged for some amazing music to rock the house too. Samuel Stewart, an up and coming virtuoso you may not have heard of, is going to be playing at 4 pm....which means you should be there early. And why wouldn't you be? It's not like the beer will be getting any colder than it is at 3 pm.

Then you can stick around for the likes of Nico Stai, Castledoor, Dum Dum Girls, Great Northern and one of my favorites, The Deadly Syndrome...who just happened to score the amazing documentary about beer pong - LAST CUP. You can pick up some free TDS tracks from here.

Special Thanks to Planetary Group for their involvement in this event!


Thursday, November 12, 2009


SUPERGOODMUSIC Recommendations
For The Week

RCA cobsnake for web

For Thursday night I would recommend everyone to go and check out friend of SUPERGOODMUSIC Christopher Hawley at The Mint and if you're up for two shows in one night that are completely different from one another then head over to The Henry Fonda for The Ravonettes. If you're down for the funk and you want to shake your booty all across a dance floor - than hit up Zanzibar for Los Angeles' own Orgone (Ubiquity Records).

orgone2 (ORGONE)

If you're looking for an evening of electronic hip-hop, then on Friday I would suggest that you make over way over to Echoplex for theThunderheist show. They will be supported by Winter Gloves, Sugar and Gold and Franki Chan so it safe to say that you're dance card will get filled up quickly. If dancing is not in your plans and you're into the lyricism and poetry, than Saul Williams and the Afro Punk Tour at The Roxy might be your best choice.

On Saturday, I hope to find the proper amount of energy to travel over to the Valley and check out MSTRKRFT at The Vanguard. Anytime that I have seen them I have never been disappointed and I really hope I can gather a crew together to venture with.

Sunday is a lazy day for RCA, but I may ditch my Sunday night tv shows for the Mission of Burma show at Echo. I've been a fan of the band for quite some time so I think I may have to fill up my DVR and go see a little music.

If your wallet has been a little empty lately, then head over to Spaceland onMonday night for some free music from The Happy Hollows, The Drums,Evan Way and Random Patterns.

On Tuesday I recommend that everyone find a ticket to Them Crooked Vultures as the super group comprised of Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana), Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), and John Paul Jones (Led Zepplin) play a sold out show at The Wiltern. I don't know much about the band, but from what I hear from a good friend in New York who has seen them live, it's a performance you don't want to miss.

On Wednesday I definitely want to check The Big Pink with Crystal Antlers at The El Rey. If you haven't heard "Dominoes" by The Big Pink then head directly to whatever source you use for free music to hear what is sure to be the Brit-Rock anthem of 2009. And if you are like me (RCA) and you haven't completely written off Chris Brown because of things that have happened in his personal life then head over to the Avalon to see, who I believe, to be the best dancer in music right now. His first single "I Can Transform Ya" off his album Graffiti has been in my head since the first time that I heard it, and I have to say that I'm intrigued to see how he grows from teenage crooner to male superstar.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blockhead Rolling Heads on the 1800 Block of Sunset - TONIGHT

So Blockhead is bringing his gritty instrumental beatmatician version of hip-hop to the Echo tonight in support of his upcoming release, The Music Scene. You can check out some of his cuts on his myspace page here.

I've been a Blockhead fan since his first release"Music By Cavelight" and, when Downtown Science dropped, I only became more of one. A champion of down-tempo instrumental hip-hop, and an artist signed to Ninja Tune - Blockhead is like a Beethoven of beat making. His instrumental compositions have an ebb and flow that is nothing short of spectacular and I'm sure he will deliver nothing but the illest when he graces the stage of the Echo this evening.

I fully intend to be there, kicking back a PBR and pretending to be the MC that I'm not. Maybe I'll see you there.....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009



Free Vodka - 10 - 11 pm. Don't sleep on this. Supply & Demand single came out today and this show is gonna be sicktacular!!!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hollywood Music in Media Awards and Conference

Check out this link about the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and Conference. Always good to partake in events that honor the creative individuals that keep the entertainment world so vibrant. This rising industry event takes place the 19th-22nd of November. SUPERGOODMUSIC can unfortunately not attend this event, but it sounds pretty cool.

Check out the feature article about the event here.

Weekend Review

So, for those of you who missed Saint Motel - they absolutely wrecked it at their black and white show. The crowd looked extremely fashionable and thematically appropriate, the Roxy sounded great...but how do you run out of milk for white russians at a Black and White Themed Event? I think in a post Lebowski world - that is an egregious error. Roxy, I love you - but you should've anticipated that everyone likes to drink like The Dude, especially when it is cheaper to do so.

Anyhow, I heard that Nic Hardcourt was in the audience and saying some pretty damn good things about Saint Motel. A & R MySpace Records staple Lindsey Cook had rave reviews for the band too. The entire crowd seemed to be pleased - and it was quite a respectable turnout for these emerging local artists. So, get on top of them before the rest of the world does and see them while they are still playing intimate venues in which you can talk to the amazing band members after the show.

Over the weekend you also could've heard Widespread Panic - in their serious 3 night run at the Orpheum. Although I never made it to any of the shows - rumor from Spreadheads was that the shows were pretty sick, especially Saturday night.

Tonight - SUPERGOOD recommendations include Band of Horses and Warpaint at Club Nokia's 1 Year Anniversary and Imogen Heap at Henry Fonda. Tickets are still available for both events! Alternatively, check out the free Happy Hollows show at Spaceland.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not Your Average Saturday Night

Saint Motel Presents: The Black & White Show

This post just couldn't wait - it is what I am most excited about for the weekend and it gives me a last chance to throw on a costume since Halloween is my favorite holiday. Saturday night, perhaps the hottest indie-rock band in Los Angeles, Saint Motel brings their colorful performance to The Roxy - for a black and white themed extravaganza. There will be black and white themed drinks, black and white movies, black and white people and black and white outfits. If you don't come, you might wake up black and blue from the other bad mistakes you made.

In addition to the black and white theme, save some green by going to this site for some discounted tickets to the show.

SUPERGOODMUSIC highly recommends you grab tix in advance for the sure to be wild black and white extravaganza as Saint Motel performs for the first time since returning from CMJ.