Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tonight in L.A. (January 2, 2013)

Its the first concert update of the year, on the second day of the month, and there are only about three choice recommendations we have for you because there really aren't even that many concerts going on....even The Satellite is dark!

Top on my list would be the launch of Eric McFadden's residency with Wally Ingram, David Graham and Lantz Lazwell.  We're privileged enough to be giving away a set of tickets to the residency - so holler at us on twitter with a @supergoodmusic and @mintLA mention or email us at

On the other end of the spectrum, where you won't find many guitars, is Low End Theory at The Airliner with Dibiase, Mike Gao and Lebeatski or Dub Club with Anthony B at The Echoplex.  

For some indie steeze - check out The Sister Ruby Band at Silverlake Lounge.  

Full list of shows below:

  • DJ Chuchuchu @ Los Globos
  • Oak Street Blues, The Pocket Rockets, Bodhi @ Central SAPC
  • Eric McFadden Residency w/ Wally Ingram, David Graham, Lantz Lazwell @ The Mint
  • Dibiase, Mike Gao, Lebeatski @ Low End Theory
  • The Sister Ruby Band, Son of the Velvet Rat, The Hallucinations, LA Witch @ Silverlake Lounge
  • Michael Davis w/ Lions, Soviet Red, Merry Christmas @ The Echo (FREE)
  • Dub Club w/ Anthony B & His Band @ The Echoplex
  • The Mixup! w/ DJ Bianca G @ Detroit Bar (FREE)

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