Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brit Star James Morrison at Sayer's Club Tonight

The sweet sexy voice of James Morrison is going to bring Sayer's Club to its knees tonight at an exclusive event - but maybe, just maybe, he makes a surprise appearance at Sayer's Club later at night with the house band?

Did you catch this Brit on TV last week? Seriously - he crushed it. I've never seen him live - but its hard not to recommend someone with a voice this good. SO - if you find yourself with some spare time late night and are willing to take the gamble - attempt going to the Sayer's Club and see if he appears with the house band. I'm taking a stab at it. Even if he doesn't - the house band is always good and they mix a great cocktail at Sayer's (...not saying its a cheap cocktail).

Here is a video of him performing earlier this month at Dominion in New York - the same spot we held our CMJ party!

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