Monday, February 4, 2008


I am no stranger to sold out shows. Hey, they are a good thing because the venue and the band both benefit tremendously. The only loser is the shut-out (or claustrophobic) fan.

On Saturday night my friends and I did not get into PBS at the Mint. We went at like 10:45, after the opener had been on an hour...but the line was at least 12 deep and they were saying tickets were sold out. I never thought the show would sell out, especially since their last show at the Knitting Factory only had about 50 people. Nice call on the show Wagatail Productions, but I guess it should be at a larger venue next time.

Hot Chip is playing on Monday at the El Rey and that show is sold out too. It sold out ridiculously fast. In light of recent experiences I think I will shift back to the pay in advance method of ticket purchase rather than the gamble at the door.

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